Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grateful Lady

inspired by mrs. chelse.

polish. I had a Ulta trip this weekend and scored 5 new polishes. From the top: OPI: bling dynasty, ESSIE: sew psyched, ESSIE: chinchilly, OPI: black shatter, ESSIE: splash of grenadine. It was a fun day. This is my first time buying ESSIE and so far i like it (currently wearing chinchilly perfect grey shade). But my favorite of the lot is OPI: black shatter! It's so cool, a must have. You put it one top of another color and then it shatters so you can see the color underneath and have cracks of black. It's the bomb, but if you are not a fan of black polish there is a silver shatter coming out in May and supposed to be red and white coming soon too!

delicious food. i love it. too too much, but everyone does right? ryan calls me his skinny fat girl because i am always talking about FOOD. every once in awhile i get in the mood to cook, to try new things. today was one of those days!
Diner: Eggplant Parmesan which was more like a eggplant lasagna, Garlic Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms and a Caesar salad. It all turned out so so good. Ryan of coarse was super hesitant and probably only even tried it because it took me so long to make. Guess what? HE LIKED IT, he even got seconds and then went to McDonlads later because he said he needed his protein. ha. This weekend I also made chicken salad crussiont sandwiches that had almonds, celery, grapes & greek yogurt very good. And for Easter dinner at Ryan's request ham, cheesy potatoes and rolls.

good friends. i have made some great girlfriends down here, thankfully, because i need them. i always do and Heavenly Father must know this about me because though out my entire life i have ALWAYS been blessed with the best of friends. i feel so spoiled, i have always been surrounded by such amazing people. i just love people.

happy holidays. i love celebrating. with ryan, with my family and with lots of candy. it was a great easter ryan and i had a easter egg dying competition sunday. we found a judge that we knew would not take the position lightly, aaron my bro. ryan won with his blue egg, it was pretty cool i guess.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

137,280 feet

Ryan, my husband, is a hard core fu.
He does this work out program thingy called Seal Fit.
Seal Fit has these insane monthly challenges.
This months challenge is to ruck a marathon.

Ruck= brisk walk/jog with 40-50lbs backpack on.
Marathon= well you all know this, 26 miles.

Well my little sweetie pie did it. TODAY.
5am to 1pm with tiny 5 min breaks every six miles

He is one crazy hombre. I really wish motivation was contagious.

"People are crazy for doing stupid stuff like that!" -Ryan sitting down after the ruck

"ugh, so this is what it feels like to be old, seriously this is got to be what it feels like to be 90" -Ryan when standing up after sitting down after the ruck.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sundrenched World

it is seriously so nice here right now
i just wish it would last
i know that insane heat is just around the corner
i am enjoying the weather while it lasts
beach trips, outdoor outings, running outside, easter candy bingeing
okay so that last one is kind of a anywhere thing

Best purchase of the week: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD
watched this morning and i can not wait to watch it over and over again!

This weekend we went to Sand Fest, what's Sand Fest? It's when a bunch of professional sand sculptures get together and show off their skills and non-professional sand sculptures walking around gawking at them in amazement. Seriously? Most of these pictures are of the amateurs sand sculptures.

the sun brunt my back, bad. 
and its at that annoying itching stage right now
 which means peeling next ew
last Thursday beach day with the girls
only ones that were captured: little Bethany (passed out under the towel)
Lauren (who finds out boy or girl with week! i know you can't even tell she is preggers)
and ME, yes this is  probably the first time you all have ever seen me in a one piece, but i was feeling all chubbers that day, okay, i blame the easter candy.

and last but not least what would a girl blog post be without food...
our first Texas BBQ experience
this was actually first BBQ experience together
which is weird because i love it, but ryan always votes it out.
funny story
so we get our food (i am all excited)
i start dumping bbq sauce on my brisket sandwich
i look up to see a shocked/disturbed look on Ryans face
he just says, i had know idea you liked barque so much.
okay so you definitely had to be there and see Ryan's horrified face to get the humor


HAPPY EARTH DAY/WEEK! Do something fun outside!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

everybody clap your hands

Friday Date Night

We were this ---> '' close to staying in and glueing our sleepy butts to the couch, but last minute we changed out minds and headed out to the minor league Hooks game. SO glad we did, it was seriously the most beautiful night out! It was our first hooks game and will most definitely not be our last. The field was actually really nice, right off of shoreline so we got the breeze from the gulf and the bridge in the background. Our seats were taken when we arrived so we snagged up some awesome empty ones right behind home plate next to some friends. We enjoyed a super nutritious dinner at the park. Ryan: Hot Dog, Fries, DP and peanuts. Me: DP and Cracker jacks (it felt appropriate). That about sums up our diets Ryan junk and me sweets. The Hooks lost but after the game there was a firework show and some country concert which we had enough of after 1 1/2 songs. Great night with my bf/ec/bb/sb/ hubby. (Translation:boyfriend or best friend/eternal companion/ battle buddy/sticky buddy/husband). Love my life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the start of something new

Okay first things first if you know what movie that little 5 word phase is from your are awesome.
OKAY now BIG NEWS! Super exciting news! Totally bubbly news! Are you ready for it!?

I got the job! I am just giddy!
Let me tell you about....

This job is made for me, if i were to close my eyes and think of the most perfect job well this one is better! This just found me in such a round about way, it was not a coincidence but definitely a tender mercy. I start in 3 weeks, I am so happy/grateful/ecstatic! I am starting to feel like CC is where I am supposed to be right now.

ekkkk! sorry. Still really excited!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


because I know that you love swimmers just as must as me, you get this post named after you!

It's that time of year again, what time you ask? The time where ALL I want to do is buy buy buy {different than the 'N Sync song bye bye bye} cute new swimsuits. OBSESSED MUCH, well yes I am.

I am just going to pretend for a second that I have an unlimited swimmer fund.
Betsy Johnson
victoria secret

shabby apple

shabby apple


mod cloth

j crew


Michael Kors
that was fun.

Monday, April 4, 2011


{we had a wonderful weekend of firsts}

friday night we participated in the Downtown ArtWalk for the FIRST time

attend our FIRST crawfish boil saturday with the gang from Ryan's workforce

and sunday had our FIRST get-together at our place with some new friends from our church.

{some other recent highlights}

General Conference listening this weekend, so many great talks. I love the gospel.

watching the most adorable little girl today.

getting a new phone, i phone 4 baby!

girls night with the lady's from church/meeting new friends, thats always a good thing!

april fools day, i fooled my mom, mother-in-law and Ryan

all images of these events were lost with my poor old phone along with my phone numbers. sad day.