Tuesday, February 16, 2010

d-day (d for dreaded)

Highlights of our week:

Tuesday packed up the apt, went to Ryans Mom's or dinner

Wednesday finished packing celebrating my mom's b-day

Thursday moved all our stuff into a storage unit, lunch with the Models, dinner with Ry's dad

Friday cleaning, date night with Ryans highs school buddy, saw V-day the movie LOVED IT

Saturday celebrated Valentines Day with my eternal buddy, it was a happy day

Sunday went to our new little niece Azylnn's baby blessing spent the day with Ryan's family and then had a adorable/yummy valentines dinner with my parents and grandma (my momma is the best) hung out with the models and got to see my got roomie Stephanie who is home from her mission!

Monday Breakfast with Ryan's mom and all of the siblings the niece and nephew. Moved all my clothes and stuff to my parents. Went to dinner with my parents and brother.

Tuesday/the dreaded day/today

It was a great week leading up to the dreaded day with lots of time with my boy and our friends and family! I took Ryan to the airport at 5:30 a.m. cried said good bye and cried some more. Ryan just landed in Jacksonville and randomly met another mormon on the plane who is also in training at, this nice guy is letting Ryan ride with him to the training center so now ryan does not have to wait 4 hours for the shuttle. yay!

Ryan will be living in Georgia for the next 4 1/2 months for training and i don't get to go :(. So i will be here in Idaho Falls living with the family which will really help the loneliness. i THINK i can do this, at least I hope.

On a completely random note, before Ryan left i downloaded all of his pictures from his phone to my computer, there were some funny one but these two below had to be the funniest. I had forgotten all about them so I had to share.

This is last summer, we started playing tennis a lot and playing boys vs. girls because it was pretty evenly matched. Allyx and I were SURE we had the next game in the bag so we decided to make a bet so that we could have snow cones after. The boys however did not want snow cones they wanted us to have to lick their armpits if we lost. we lost. ewww.

again ewww!!!

Here are some pics of our FIRST niece! Azylnn Evans, she is a doll!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


So i have not been able to log on to my blog all week, its been a little frustrating to say the least. So tonight i realize that it was the same day that i made a new gmail account (for my new business) that i could no long log onto my blog. So i tried my new gmail account as a username instead of my hotmail account and wah-la i am in. weird? i think so how did gmail know it was the same Whittney Evans? I was a little freaked out but now I am back and over it.

So my new business... i am super excited to announce that "June" is officially up and running. Allyx and I got the idea awhile back and we now have our etsy sites started and we are going to have our stuff in a few salons around Idaho Falls and we have a blog coming soon.

Our business is pretty much makeing adorable things and then selling them, for the most part we make headbands/hair clips and also refurbishing and adding to vintage suitcases (my favorite). We will be expanding and trying new things but that is us for now!

Here is our logo, I will post pictures of our stuff soon!