Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Awww I miss those beautiful April days of 80 degrees... we are baking in some 100+ weather.... not my cup of tea! April was a good month for us, Ryans mom came to visit and we had a blast eating yummy food, relaxing and catching some rays at the beach! We discovered Taylor is NOT a fan of the beach, turns out it absolutely terrifies her. Ryan stared playing softball with his co-workers and it is super entertaining to watch, at least Taylor and I think it is. We also busted out our bikes! Ryan had the brilliant idea on Easter to load them in the car to take a ride down the bay front, it was a fabulous little family outing we all enjoyed and definitely will do again once the weather cools down a bit!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hey there bloggers it's about time you heard from me, I figured I would give a shot at this whole blogging thing Whittney really seams to like. And she has not updated in two months, okay okay she has been really busy with Ryan's mom coming in town, then going to Idaho, Ryan went out of town for-ev-er, my Aunt Allyx came to visit, then Ryan and Whittney both had birthdays... Oh I am sorry how terribly rude I should probably introduce myself, I am Taylor. I just turned 6 months old so I am like super independent and stuff now. Whittney adores me and takes me with her everywhere, yep even to work! I am the greeter, I have a whole fan club and everything! Ryan and I hang out after work and on the weekends I love to race that guy (I usually win) he is a fine fellow. Oh another thing you should know about me I have a British accent. Anyways I will leave you with a few glamor shots of my fine self during my favorite time of the day. Nothing beats four o'clock when the sun starts coming in the window and I can sunbathe! Ta ta for now!

Taylor Evans