Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Awww I miss those beautiful April days of 80 degrees... we are baking in some 100+ weather.... not my cup of tea! April was a good month for us, Ryans mom came to visit and we had a blast eating yummy food, relaxing and catching some rays at the beach! We discovered Taylor is NOT a fan of the beach, turns out it absolutely terrifies her. Ryan stared playing softball with his co-workers and it is super entertaining to watch, at least Taylor and I think it is. We also busted out our bikes! Ryan had the brilliant idea on Easter to load them in the car to take a ride down the bay front, it was a fabulous little family outing we all enjoyed and definitely will do again once the weather cools down a bit!


Kelli and Derek Hill said...

cuuuute yellow pants!

Allyx and Dan said...

I love your bike with a basket! aww I miss Texas! :)