Tuesday, May 18, 2010


some things i am currently excited about...

My little sister Kaylee is engaged to be married!! I am so happy for her and her finance Tyler Pond they are so cute together the wedding is July 31st, which means i get to visit Idaho soon after we move :)

I get to go visit my husband next weekend, nuff said. 4 weeks and we will be together again for good!

I can't wait to wear the new skirts i am making. There will be three so far i have one and a half, i cant wait to wear them this summer!

Next weeks Glee, lady GaGa week yesssss!!!! i loved this weeks and will not reveal how many times i have watched already. ohhh i love this show.

and while i am on a t.v. note gossip girl season 4, can't wait! all i have to say is they better not try and kill off chuck bass.

and of coarse i am counting the days till eclipse comes out!!! june 30th will be our FIRST day living in texas so either i will have to make some girlfriends crazy fast or i better start thinking of a way to trick ryan into going with me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

as of late...

So after two long months of being apart from my ec, i got to see Ryan! Last weekend i headed down to Florida just an hour away from where Ryan is in training and we headed to this adorable little beach town called Amelia Island, i fell in love with it there! It was a great weekend and so nice to spend time with my boy!

*warning it was crazy humid down there, therefore my hair went absolutely crazy!*

sushi lunch before hitting the beach

A little antique store shopping, i love antique stores i love how they are so unique to the area that you are in! I had to get that wall paper i am holding above i got a few ideas for it!
getting some ice cream
a few minutes later i dropped my delicious raspberry chocolate truffle ice cream cone here (into the marina)
playing at the beach, seriously my hair CRAZY any suggestions because i will be living in humid weather in 2 months and this is just NOT a good look for me!
The beach and town we stayed in reminded me of the town from the book "The Last Song" that i finished reading a little awhile ago. I loved it and highly recommend it!

All in all it was a great weekend i got to spend time with my hub see the beach and visit my cousin and her family in Florida it was so good to see them all! My cousins father-in- law was visiting from Spain and made Payaya Sunday night for dinner it was so delish!!!

The weekend before my visit to see Ryan i went to Utah with Allyx and we had all of our June stuff in a "What Women Want Expo". It was a great experience and it went well! We shared a booth with Allyx's sister Erin she makes these adorable tutus and carseats covers. Allyx cousins also shared a both with us they make some fun feather headbands and beautiful jewelry!

and we now have our etsy sites up and running so check them out!!!

mine: http://www.etsy.com/shop/junebyw
allyx's: http://www.etsy.com/shop/junebya

Also my blogging friends please contact me if you want anything from my etsy sites because i will give you a good deal! i normally sell my headbands for $15 a piece, but they are more on etsy because of all the extra work to get them on etsy. SO if you want something get a hold of me via blog, f-book, e-mail or just call me and i will give you the better price!

peace- w