Sunday, March 21, 2010

zig pulse

Okay so i am obsessed with these running shoes. i think i deserve them because i have been keeping my goal of running lots more, plus i think would want to run even more if i had this awesome shoes!
reebok zig pulse

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick

Did you know that Saint Patrick is not even Irish? well he is not he is actually from England and went on a mission to Ireland. Just a little fact I picked up in Ireland last summer, have I mentioned how much i LOVED that place! It is so beautiful, full of culture, and has the most friendly people with great sense of humors. I absolutely LOVED it there and three days was just not long enough I must go back and see more of that country!

Seriously isn't it beautiful!?! Well i hope you all have a Happy St. Paddy's Day! I just love holidays! For this one I unfortunately will be working a verrry long double but perhaps after work i will watch "P.S. I love you" to get a glimpse of the the breathtaking Wicklow Mountains.
What are you doing for St. Patrick's Day?

Sunday, March 14, 2010


It would make me so happy to have all of these girls in one room again, even the same state would put a smile on my face. Maybe another wedding could make this dream come true... i vote Kristi.

Friday, March 5, 2010

i am's, what are you?

i am thinking... that i can not wait for a-rock to get here to show me the mother load of suitcases she found today. 13. 13 vintage suitcases i am so excited i can hardly contain myself. Must go to Targhee before the season is over. I miss my best friend, 4 more months! And GG starts back up on MONDAY yay!

i am wearing...Blue baggy BYU-I sweat pants and a blue t shirt from my 6th grade softball team it has a #2 on the back... how in the world does this still fit? yes i am dressed in unicolor.

i am creating...LOTS of stuff actually, some adorable ear warmers, headbands, hair clips, up cycled vintage suitcases, a necklace and a secret.... yes i have ALOT of projects going on right now!

i am reading... georgia nicolson series... so freaking funny they are a MUST read also reading the Book of Mormon with my fam the plan is to have it done before I move :)

i am hoping... to have my etsy all up and running in the next week or two and even more hoping that people will actually like my stuff.

i am hearing...State of Play, my sis is watching it upstairs

around the house... sewing machine with unfinished secret project, picture of my family and some more normal house stuff

one of my favorite things... the smell of clean laundry, good books, SUMMER i can not wait to swim swim swim!!! And right now e-mails from my hub and getting to talk to him! okay so that was more than one.

my upcoming plans... hmmm sleepover tonight with allyx and watch some GG, work, phone date with the hub on Sunday! Ali's baby shower! A trip to see Ryan in about a month!

what about you? fill out in my comments :) almost two years of blogging and this is my first survey!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

life's good

We are blessed... happy& healthy. Ry's has a great job and he LOVES it and he is loving his training. Me, well I am spending lots on time with my fam, making new things, and taking my time to find the perfect job for when we get to Texas. ANNND I am planning a trip to go see my boy!!! Life is good.