Friday, March 5, 2010

i am's, what are you?

i am thinking... that i can not wait for a-rock to get here to show me the mother load of suitcases she found today. 13. 13 vintage suitcases i am so excited i can hardly contain myself. Must go to Targhee before the season is over. I miss my best friend, 4 more months! And GG starts back up on MONDAY yay!

i am wearing...Blue baggy BYU-I sweat pants and a blue t shirt from my 6th grade softball team it has a #2 on the back... how in the world does this still fit? yes i am dressed in unicolor.

i am creating...LOTS of stuff actually, some adorable ear warmers, headbands, hair clips, up cycled vintage suitcases, a necklace and a secret.... yes i have ALOT of projects going on right now!

i am reading... georgia nicolson series... so freaking funny they are a MUST read also reading the Book of Mormon with my fam the plan is to have it done before I move :)

i am hoping... to have my etsy all up and running in the next week or two and even more hoping that people will actually like my stuff.

i am hearing...State of Play, my sis is watching it upstairs

around the house... sewing machine with unfinished secret project, picture of my family and some more normal house stuff

one of my favorite things... the smell of clean laundry, good books, SUMMER i can not wait to swim swim swim!!! And right now e-mails from my hub and getting to talk to him! okay so that was more than one.

my upcoming plans... hmmm sleepover tonight with allyx and watch some GG, work, phone date with the hub on Sunday! Ali's baby shower! A trip to see Ryan in about a month!

what about you? fill out in my comments :) almost two years of blogging and this is my first survey!


MB said...


-I am thinking... that this is the 3rd time I have seen this survey on a blog today! It is popular. Also, I’m thinking that the strawberry poptart I am currently consuming is delicious.
-I am wearing...gray skinnies, a black/white striped top with yellow sweater and a floral scarf with pink flowers…and pearl earings, and black loafer-esque flats. I will not go into what is under the clothes…
-I am creating...A spreadsheet
-I am reading... When we were Romans by Matthew Kneale. It is a little trippy. The narrator is a young boy living with his mother and sister. It even has all the words misspelled like a young boy might spell them, like having there, they’re, their mixed up and spelling poison, “poisson.” Stuff like that.
-I am hoping... That I can get to Levain Bakery before it closes tonight. I MUST get a cookie.
-I am the music on my blogger, right now it is on “Cosmic Love” by Florence & the machine
-Around the house... Well, I’m not at my house, but if I were you would see Scott’s clothes strewn about because he doesn’t pick them up! As well as letters and papers lying around that need to be filed.
-One of my favorite things... The sound of an orchestra warming up.
-My upcoming plans...Dashboard Confessional concert this month, DC in April for the Cherry Blossoms festival, Ohio in May for my cousin’s wedding, then DC again for Scott’s brother’s wedding…which sadly, is the same day that I have tickets to go see Sigur Ros…….I’m REALLY sad about it…

Sourire said...


I am thinking...that I wish it would be warmer and sunnier because our apartment is freezing right now and I'm sick of wearing shoes and socks inside.

I am wearing a BYU-Idaho sweatshirt and some black yoga pants (and socks and shoes)

I am creating work related stuff...spreadsheets/invoices/blahblah

I am reading Atlas Shrugged (I read the Fountainhead last month and LOVED it but I'm having a much harder time getting into this one)

I am hoping that David comes home soon with the puppies because it's too quiet (he took them to the dog park so they could release some energy)

I am hearing the clickity noises of my keyboard and that's it!

Around the house... fairly clean for us? We also have papers that need to be filed and dishes to be washed, but it's not a terrible mess

One of my favorite things: being warm/submerged in water

My upcoming plans: singing in church on sunday for ward conference, going to inlaws to watch Lost tonight and have dinner - further than that, help david get into EMT school and try making more friends in Spokane!

Allyx and Dan said...

i am thinking... that i can't wait for this semester to be over! I am in class now, and it is a bore fest.

i am wearing...skinny jeans, white v-neck tee shirt, brown leather jacket, high school musical socks, and blue shoes.

i am creating... things for my etsy site and the "what women want" fair in april. things like suitcases, hair clips, headbands, ear warmers, rings, necklaces, and a sweet mirror. I just need to STOP buying NEW stuff to make and get producing pronto.

i am reading... nothing for the moment. (AH) I just finished the Georgia Nicholson series and I just bought The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks so I will read that soon, but I am waiting for a book in the mail that I have to read first- Slims Table.

i am hoping... for warmer weather. I just can't wait for summer.

i am hearing...She's Got You High- Mumm-Ra on MB's blog. Love it!

around the house... there are about a 15 vintage suitcases in one room with fabric and buttons everywhere! also I just did laundry so there are clothes hanging and laying around everywhere. Its actually quite a mess and if I don't clean it soon I will go crazy!

one of my favorite things... sunshine. curling up with a good book. chips n salsa. musica. my cute boyfriend. visiting my family. laughing.

my upcoming plans...our two year anniversary is coming up in a month so we are trying to find a way to do something fun for that. Also, going down to utah to DI shop and sell stuff. Then in JULY graduation and moving away.