Sunday, October 31, 2010

Look, I'm Picasso.!!

Happy Halloween!
I hope you all had a very spooky halloween!

I picked the costumes this year...
PoTaTo HeaDs
Mr. & Mrs. Potato, Woody Bo Pep and the lamb (they have a slinky dog at home)

Yesterday we dressed up for the Fall Festival at our church and went with our friends, it was a good time. Today was a little more low key I had studying to do, booo. And we did not get a single trick-or-treater so i ate all of our candy, almost. Oh and I watched the new AMC series "Walking Dead" with Ryan and will probably have night mares for the rest of my life!

I want to see ALL of your costumes! So how about you head over to the June blog ( and enter your self in our Halloween Costume Contest! Winner gets a FREE headband of there choice! YOu know you want to, DO it DO IT!!! YOu have till Tuesday Night!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the camera phone

i have had my phone for almost two years now
i have 508 pictures on it
that is close to one a day
what have i been taking pictures of???
lets see

picture of cities named after people i know, i don't know if i ever sent this to ellsworth...

really bad take-out name screw-ups... whitpurpniss...uhh you mean whittney?
this is what we do with our friends

hey allyx i just made this, what do you think? this is what half of the pictures on my phone are like, i value her opinion.
salt and pepper shakers. my BF nattie gave them to me for v-day. i am obsessed with them.
more food
and food, FREE fro-yo

freakishly big shoes
brushing aarons teeth, it was a game
proof of me dominating at monopoly
dolly ride
emily and i's doodles
fake mustaches
really bad picture of a picture of little Ry playing baseball in spandx
cool british mini coop
pretty things
rapid battling
dude dressed as a chick at a what women want fair
snow fall at targee
quidditch? sign me up
matching bruises, allyx's is way worse and no our husbands don't beat us

awesome spinny toys at the park
pug puppies
class activities, yep we are building a catapult
cousion Jackson and I. One day Ryan and I convinced this little guy that he was magic, i need to find and post that video. too funny.

27 of 508

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


this blog is usually reserved for happy things
i don't like to whine and complain on the internet, but maybe its needed occasionally
i am not that great with words, but this picture sums up my feelings pretty well.

yes i should think of all my blessings, but i don't want to right now
yes i should get my grumpy butt to bed, but instead i act like child who tries to stay up even if they are exhausted and will most likely fall asleep on the living room floor. (why do kids/I do that?)
why am i so indecisive, stubborn, prideful and try and push away my hubby when he is only trying to help?
why do i cry over tiny things and can't over things that i really should? why the freak am i writing this all on the Internet?

and WHY did have i let the lady's convo i over heard on the shuttle to Idaho last week bother me so much? It's her life and marriage and boyfriendS, why do i care? i guess i don't, its just the principle. Combined with the U.S divorce rate and the worlds worst movie EVER "Eat Pray Love" okay not worst movie ever i did enjoy the traveling part but the message seriously horrible/worst. okay this tangent about how the world disregards something as great as marriage has nothing to do with anything. sorry back to my whining...

i hate that friends grow apart
i hate feeling incompetent
i hate hearing bad news AND watching the "news" it's scary/depressing

okay i scratched the surface, don't expect to see a post like this for a long long time.

Monday, October 25, 2010

travel bug

i have it
it consumes much of my thoughts
and way too much of my down time looking at travels sites and blogs.
I just want to go everywhere and see everything.
I have this list
it's long
no i am not showing it to you
its too long
this week i made my self condense it to a top 20 which turned in to 21
i will show you that
don't judge, this may take my whole life (if ever)

in random order, here is the list

oh and it is subject to change, probably a lot


Portland, Maine

San Francisco, CA


Anchorage, Alaska

Hawaii (not sure which island yet)

Navuoo, Il

Orlando, Fl (hp theme park please)

Seattle, WA (with my hub this time)

Nantucket, MA

Palmyra, NY





Costa Rica




The Netherlands




On a travel site i was on today i learned that SLC is #15 on the most visited tourist destinations in america list, thought that was pretty cool.

15. Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

Temple Square is the most popular attraction in the state with five million annual visitors. This ten-acre block located in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City is Utah’s number one tourist attraction.

The Mormon church’s headquarters are here, but Temple Square is more than just a destination for Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tavern on the Bay

I am missing the fall season. The chilly air and bundling up in layers but this 85 degree weather is really helping ease the pain of not having an autumn season. It is PERFECT outside right now. Saturday night we went to a cute little place right on the bay for dinner called Harrisons Landing-Tavern on the Bay for a surprise birthday party with a bunch of the families from Ryan's office. We had a nice walk down the pier passing all of the boats to get the the restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely dinner on the deck. It was a good night in Corpus Christi.

downtown corpus christi


i always get nervous walking over water.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


i LOVE fall
the colors
pumpkin- carving, decorating & painting
jamba's pumpkin smash
pumpkin choc chip anything- bread, muffins & COOKIES

my mom and i made some delsh cookies while i was home cause thats what we do make cookie and well eat cookies, we are both obsessed.

are you ready for another super EASY recipe?
even easier than the taco soup?


you need:

pumpkin: one small can or half of a large can (large can pictured)
one pkg of spice cake mix
one bag of chocolate chips

and thats all seriously

okay now mix them together and spoon on to a cookie sheet in cookie size scoops and bake for 10-12 min at 375 degree

enjoy the prefect fall treat!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a must read

Church Responds to HRC Petition

A great reminder that the LDS church is based on love, the church's persecution in it's early years, and the church's stance on same-sex attraction.

Monday, October 11, 2010


This is my 100th post on this blog, what better to blog about than a wedding?
To the hand full of you that read my blog thanks for following along on my random rants and pictures and the occasional update on our lives.

Yesterday i was in Idaho. Today Texas, thats pretty cool when you think about it I guess. i am sooo thankful for airplanes!

So I was actually in Idaho all last week and it was bliss but thats for another post another day.
This post is about yesterday.

10-10-10 aka Shelby (Ry's sister) & Bryan's wedding

It was a beautiful day and Shelby looked stunning.

bridesmaids & bride/sister-in-laws
oh and little Blaze (Jessica's boy)

team effort from me, debbie, jessica, janae and even a little help from the groom!

i love this one

the "i do's"

the kiss

and my favorite
the groom vs. Shelby's 4 big brothers