Thursday, October 28, 2010

the camera phone

i have had my phone for almost two years now
i have 508 pictures on it
that is close to one a day
what have i been taking pictures of???
lets see

picture of cities named after people i know, i don't know if i ever sent this to ellsworth...

really bad take-out name screw-ups... whitpurpniss...uhh you mean whittney?
this is what we do with our friends

hey allyx i just made this, what do you think? this is what half of the pictures on my phone are like, i value her opinion.
salt and pepper shakers. my BF nattie gave them to me for v-day. i am obsessed with them.
more food
and food, FREE fro-yo

freakishly big shoes
brushing aarons teeth, it was a game
proof of me dominating at monopoly
dolly ride
emily and i's doodles
fake mustaches
really bad picture of a picture of little Ry playing baseball in spandx
cool british mini coop
pretty things
rapid battling
dude dressed as a chick at a what women want fair
snow fall at targee
quidditch? sign me up
matching bruises, allyx's is way worse and no our husbands don't beat us

awesome spinny toys at the park
pug puppies
class activities, yep we are building a catapult
cousion Jackson and I. One day Ryan and I convinced this little guy that he was magic, i need to find and post that video. too funny.

27 of 508


Steph said...

I love how I was included in this post! I don't recall getting that picture, but then again I can't remember what I did last night! I love to see Ellsworth signs. Whenever I see Potter signs I always think of you. And can we please play Quidditch together?!!!

chelse said...

I love all your pictures! They're sweet. So I just found out from Amber that you and Allyx and another blog with all your June stuff. I tried to look for the blog but I couldn't find it. You should let me know so I can buy lots of stuff!

Allyx and Dan said...

that game of monopoly that you dominated... was that the night that we stayed up til like 4 convincing kaylee to stay up with us so we could just play over and over? haha. and WHAT are those bruises from? hardcore. tell aaron i dig his mustache. Check you later Whitpurpniss.

ps: chelse its