Wednesday, October 27, 2010


this blog is usually reserved for happy things
i don't like to whine and complain on the internet, but maybe its needed occasionally
i am not that great with words, but this picture sums up my feelings pretty well.

yes i should think of all my blessings, but i don't want to right now
yes i should get my grumpy butt to bed, but instead i act like child who tries to stay up even if they are exhausted and will most likely fall asleep on the living room floor. (why do kids/I do that?)
why am i so indecisive, stubborn, prideful and try and push away my hubby when he is only trying to help?
why do i cry over tiny things and can't over things that i really should? why the freak am i writing this all on the Internet?

and WHY did have i let the lady's convo i over heard on the shuttle to Idaho last week bother me so much? It's her life and marriage and boyfriendS, why do i care? i guess i don't, its just the principle. Combined with the U.S divorce rate and the worlds worst movie EVER "Eat Pray Love" okay not worst movie ever i did enjoy the traveling part but the message seriously horrible/worst. okay this tangent about how the world disregards something as great as marriage has nothing to do with anything. sorry back to my whining...

i hate that friends grow apart
i hate feeling incompetent
i hate hearing bad news AND watching the "news" it's scary/depressing

okay i scratched the surface, don't expect to see a post like this for a long long time.


Sara said...

You are so talented. You are so beautiful. You are so happy. Hope things start to get better. Maybe get a little pedi or something? :) love you.

Whittney and Ryan said...

thanks Sara your too sweet

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

I have days like this too! I always debate about posting but usually end up doing it because it's theraputic, and it helps to know that other girls do the same thing when they're mad (I always get snippy with Jord when he did nothing!!) Love you girl!

Allyx and Dan said...

and WHY must we live so far apart? dang jobs. miss your face off. your cool.