Thursday, July 5, 2012


Aka best month ever and my birthday month! This year was the year, the big quarter of a century...25!
Ryan and I partied it up for my b-day! They day before my birthday Ryan surprised me and delivered the best red velvet cake in the entire world! The big day June 6th we both took the day off work and headed to Port A! We had a nice lunch on the water then rented paddle boards. We where first timers and had an absolute blast! It was such a fun afternoon, I fell in love with paddle boarding1 I also made some new friends, I had two turtles swim up to my board to say hi and a dolphin that followed us around, it was a perfect day. I was absolutely spoiled by my family, friends and Ryan. Birthdays are the best!

Make sure to scroll to the end of this post for some more exciting news!!!
Red velvet cake from Ry and cookie cake from the girls at work
(notice the pink little wiener dog drawing of Tay:)


My handsome hubby!

Babies!!!!! The month of June we got a new niece and nephew!!! Lucky us!!!
Ryan's older brother Chris and his wife Jessica had little Paizley Lucille Evans on June 5th. 
and Ryan's little sister Shelby and her husband Bryan had Baron James Smith on June 16th.
We can't wait to meet these two!!!!


You know you have not blogged in a long time when you start to title your posts something like "May".
May was an interesting month to say the very least, Ryan was away for work for the month and I was in Texas. There was very very little communication between us, next to none. But I survived and I learned to occupy my self, Taylor had oodles of attention and a lot of great friends down here made sure I was taken care of :)

I went to a toga party (flash back to college) fundraiser with the girls from work for an organization called Triumph of Kids Cancer. The party was a blast and lots of money was raised for this amazing organization. And I totally bought my first ever auction item it was a bit of a rush making sure I was not out bid... but I wanted that Gift Card to my amazing hair dresser Rick, okay it was just Rachel and I fighting over it, but I won and it was fun!

Allyx my bestie came to visit me in Texas and just in time too, I didn't think I could have taken one more night alone. We had a blast of a week and she told me the best news everrrr.... Baby Moedl on board! SO freaking excited!!! Ryan ended up coming home during Allyx's visit which happened to be on his birthday so naturally we had to make signs and embarrassed him at the airport, it totally worked :) For old man Ryan's birthday we went to a steakhouse for dinner, ate cupcakes and played at the beach the next day. 



The end of April beginning of May I got to visit home and go to my little (yet not so little) brother Aaron's Mission Farewell! I was such a nice trip home! The only thing missing was Ryan, he was away for work and could not make it which was a bummer but Aaron had so many friends and family members there to support him, it was amazing! He did an awesome job on his talk, he had us all laughing and crying... miss that guy but I am loving his weekly e-mails from the MTC. He will be in NYC at the end of the month, I am SO excited for him!

I had lots of family time while I was home! I got to go the Salt Lake City temple with Aaron, my parents and my Grandma Potter it was a wonderful time. We also had to check out the new City Creek mall I was very impressed! I got catch one of Emily's softball games while was home so that was fun... and it is official I got totally got gipped in the athletic department, my siblings are little all-stars. We had some family pictures taken while I was home before Aaron left, they ended up just being my parents and siblings because Ryan was not there so Tyler and Charlotte go kicked out of them haha. And last but definitely not least I finally got to meet Charlotte!!! Oh I could not get enough of that girl, I was a totally a baby hog that week and I think Kaylee and Tyler were excited to have there child back after I left!

Other fun things while I was home, I got to a stay with Nattie in her cute little cottage house in SLC and ride her bike around the adorable neighborhood! I got to have lunch with my sweet friend Amber and see her adorable baby bump! Visiting my amazing mother-in-law. Lunch at the Snakebite (yum) with my sister-in-laws Shelby and Janae and niece Ansiton. Anistion has grown up so much I could not believe it! Plus Shelby and Janae where both preggers then so I got to see two more baby bumps! I spent a raining day in Driggs with my family and Grandparents, I think a need just a week vacation there :)

And the pictures....

Aunts, Uncles and cousins! I loved seeing everyone while I was home!

Such a great trip just getting to spend time with these lovelies!

Dying to hold her again... 6 weeks and counting :)