Monday, February 28, 2011

rambles of a sicko.

I have been sick, sinus infection, flu blah.

So my super duper fun Beach Bocce Ball Bistro Saturday I had planed was canceled or put off.

instead I have been a bum,
moping around,
being best friends with my mac book,
surfing the web for jobs oh
and watching a lot of netflix. to be specific.

Grey's Anatomy Season 5

I watched Grey's back in the good old days of 112 in college, but only up to season 4.
Even so several years later I still enjoyed season five.

It reminded my of another time in college when for a half of a day I decided I should be a doctor. ( I occasionally get slightly ahead of my self and forget about details). A few hours later when I started think about more of those details I decided maybe a nurse. Then it all ended when I got a paper cut and nearly passed out from not even full drop of blood.

Am I the only on that thinks like this? Example 2. I go on a lot of " I want to run a marathon" kicks. ( i hate running). Then after running my first mile in weeks I think, okay maybe a 1/2. Then two days later I am done with my running phase for awhile. Maybe the solution to this little problem of over thinking of mine is baby steps. That is why I am happy to announce that I have signed up to run  in the Beach to Bay Relay this May. It will be Ryan, me and two other couples each running 4 to 5 mile legs (i can totally do this). This is the first race I have ever done (besides high school track) so any tips will be appreciated!

ramble over.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things my bathroom. I have recently noticed the ratio of Whittney to Ryan things in the bathroom is a bit well ridiculous. Yes, I am a girl so I require a bit more but I think I just like cosmetics way too much.

my top 6 cant live without must have in stock at all times.

$2 miracle in a bottle. i use it when i don't feel like doing my hair or as needed.
when i use this i SWEAR my hair grows faster and healthier. it smells heavenly
this is a must have on all beach trips, swimming adventures and vacations.

hands down best chap stick ever.
all scents make you want to lick your lips all day long.
i could only ever find it a store called Habitat in Driggs/Victor ID
so image how happy i was to discover they carry it at the local Sun Harvest Market here.

for a girl that breaks out more in her 20's than her teens this is my number 1
its a preclease you wash your face with before your facewash
my dermatologist recommended it and my face has never felt so clean.

NARS blush color:orgasm (no i did not chose it for the name). this is a new love.
after the first use i can't believe I went my whole like with out it
sooo pretty.

i love color, in eyeshadow, lip stick and nail polish
i love having my my nails painted, current favorite
O.P.I ate berries in the canaries

the first Paul Mitchell's Thicken Up a must have for Idaho/ dry weather it thickens my thin hair.
the second Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum must have in Texas/humid weather to control my fizz.

now bloggers I need your help mascara i have never found one i love, and believe me I have tried a lot
everything at target to mac, bare minerals, lancome, clinique
the best I have found is maybelline stiletto mascara
i like it but I dont love it.

what are a few of your favorite things???
p to the s i watched the sound of music last week
it made my heart happy

i can not stop singing it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i LOVE love

I  love love. I love being in love. And I love celebrating love! Even the 20 years of being single on v-day before I met Ryan, I always have loved it! Valentines Day is another excuse to celebrate and I am ALWAYS looking for reasons to celebrate! Like Ryan's promotion this Thursday... celebrate! Me putting in my two weeks notice to carinos... CELEBRATE!!!

Valentines Day (well Sunday when we celebrated v-day) was perfect! Ryan had been out of town all weekend on a hunting trip so I had lots of time to my self to prep. I made Ryan's favorite roast, potatoes and corn (best sunday dinner ever) and my favorite asparagus and chocolate covered strawberry's mmmm. I went a little construction paper crazy and cut out tons of red and white hearts and used thread to string them down from the ceiling all around the dinning room table. Ryan's letter was also construction paper lots of shapes and sizes of colorful paper and stuck to my big magnet board. I had way to much fun making it. I got Ryan candy (and then ate it all opps) and Call of Duty Black Ops. If thats not love then I don't know what is! I just had it sitting on the table I was too lazy to wrap it but it took him sooo long to ever see it, then finally WHAT?!? Black Ops? hehe it was funny. Ryan got me well actually us tickets to go see CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: ALEGRIA that is going to be in Corpus this weekend. Whao I am so excited! I especially liked this gift because it extends the celebrating into this weekend! Ryan also wrote me the sweetest letter ever, he is so good at that. And my sweet parentals give me a adorable necklace and Ryan a giftcard, I love them and hate not being able to call them all the time right now. Actual v-day love was substituted for angry/ mean people, ya I worked. I can't believe how extra angry people were on such a happy day. Anyways pictures.

I hope you all had a LOVEly Valentines day! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

photobooth fun

hanging out on the moon

sooo many pictures so these goof balls
just hanging out with my twin

Saturday, February 12, 2011

v-day prep

me+construction paper+night to myself
valentine elf
ry guy is getting a very unique love letter/v-day card this year.
i am excited about it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i have the fever.

Bieber & I

ya i am excited. friday. never say never.

M & D's blog

Okay so instead of keeping the family updated on my parents trip to Tonga on my blog, I decided to just make them there own. So for updates and pictures head over to this blog...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maloeleilei from Tonga

So 30 years ago my dad served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints to Tonga. My parents are back visiting the Tonga Islands for the first time since my dad served there as a 19 year old boy.

Internet there is really slow so I will pass along the updates for the rest of the family to see (grandma, Leisa, Su, Terry and any other family that knows about this blog :) 

Here is the first update. 

Maloeleilei from Tonga.  Well we have made into our second day on Tonga.  I can't say it has
easy for either of us, but that's just the way it is.  We didn't get much sleep on our all night flight
over to Tonga so we were pretty sleep deprived when we got here.   Karen got in a little nap during
the day, but I didn't sleep at all.  Last night we got almost no sleep.  Between the rain storms,
fighting pigs, roosters, cats and dogs fighting and barking most of the night.  Then at 5:00am the
church next door starting beating huge drums to call the worshipers to meeting and several other churches
started ringing thier bells to call thier worshipers to church.

Last night we went to the Temple here and it was amazing.  I have been to many temples and this
is absolutely the most beautiful temple I have been in.

Tomorrow we fly to the northern Island group of Vava'u for three days and two nights from there on Saturday we will
fly to the middle island group of Ha'apai which is the most primitive and probably the most beautiful island group.
There we will stay for 4 days because that is the home island of our host and his family still lives there.  They have
many small primitive islands with beautiful sandy beaches and Karen wants to spend some time relaxing on the sandy beaches.

After Ha'apai we will be returning to the capital city of Nuku'alofa.  I think we will rent an apartment across from the
temple for that last couple of nights so that we can spend more time at the temple.  The apartment has air conditioning,
a fridge and a washer and dryer.

The family loved the clothes that we brought.  They are all immediately wearing them and enjoying them.  One huge hit was
Hershey's chocolate candies they were devoured immediately

Karen is taking after her daughter Kaylee as the only thing she wants to eat is pastries and ice cream from the shops in the capital city.(Hehe when Kaylee and I went to Europe she was scared of the food and would only eat pastries and gelato, she missed out on a lot of good food and made herself sick. silly girl.) Everything is very expensive here.  A single scoop of ice cream is $3.  A three gallon container of ice cream

One story before I go on to the pictures.  When we got to the airport in LA for our flight out we were standing in line to
check our baggage and get our seat assignments.  We were in line behind a gentleman and his wife.  They were both dressed
very nicely.  He told us to go ahead of him as they were waiting for family members.  I suspected that he was Tongan so in
the Tongan language I asked him if he was going to Tonga.  He said yes and asked me if I was going.  I told him that I was.
He asked why I was going.  I told I was going on vacation with my wife and that I had served as a missionary there and my
mission president was President Hopoate.  He looked at me and said "I am President Hopoate".  We were all completely shocked
and hugs and tears ensued.

Now for the photos. gmail won't let me attach the files so look on Facebook for these files if I can get them on there. ( we didn't get any pictures attached or on facebook but I still liked the descriptions of the pictures, when/if we get them I will add them!)
 3915 - My former mission president and his wife.
we flew from LA on the same flight

3922 - Our host Nalesoni Vimah
3982 - Friends that I ran into in town from my mission
3944 - Girls from our host family
3949 - Pigs in the front yard of the house.  This isn't farm country
       this is in the middle of the capital city
3971 - Me walking toward the beach
3973 - The boat that we go fishing in (honestly)
3986 - karen and David posing with guards at the Royal Palace.
3991 - Price of some items in town Cream cheese $20
4000 - Ran into some missionaries in town.  The one on the right is from Houston Texas
4002 - Produce at the local Market.  These are white yams
3012 - Karen helping with the cooking in the kitchen.
4020 - Karen drinking a coconut.
4028 - The cooking house of our hosts
4030 - The washing machine
4031 - Inside the shower.  Only cold water.
4032 - The outside of the outhouse and bath house

I am so happy they finally went! I am sure they are having an amazing experience! I just wish I was there too! If I get any more updates I will let you know.

I just got off the phone with my parents they were able to call for a little bit. There was just a bit of a delay in the phone but they are having fun! I could hear pigs in the background. It is 6:30pm tomorrow over there right now and 11:30pm here in Texas. They were preparing a big dinner at my dad's old mission companions house with his family. My mom said their little 8 year old kept running by in one of my shirts that fit her and that she was not to sure of my parents but they keep giving her candy so she is warming up to them. She said they don't speak too much english so my dad does a lot of translating. Except for there older daughter who is 20 speaks great english because she went to the LDS high school in Tonga and they teach in English there. My dad's old mission president is now the Tongan Temple President and gave them a tour of the whole temple last night, they loved that. My dad says he is getting some great pictures and can send them tomorrow, so check back I will post them!

xoxo- w

Monday, February 7, 2011

thank you

i am thankful for people that are protecting our freedom.

i am thankful for the sacrifices their families make.
i am thankful to live in this great country.

Last week my cousin Keirsten's husband left for his deployment my heart goes out to her and her two little boys.

My friend Samantha's husband gets to come home from Iraq this year to her and their two cute little boys, so happy for their little family.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sugar high!

everyone needs a good sugar cookie recipe!
i {naturally} love my moms.

i am proud of my cookies & ryan is proud of his beard. 

1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
-cream together-
1 tbls. milk
1 tesp. vanilla
3 cup flour
3 teas. baking powder

-chill dough for 30 minutes-

-flour your rolling pin and surface-

-roll dough out and use your cute cookies cutters-

Bake at 375 for 8 min

Nattie's Cream Cheese Frosting

2 8oz pkgs of cream cheese
cube of butter
2 tsp vanilla
i bag powder sugar
(i split this recipe in half and it was perfect of this batch of cookies!)

add food coloring

and FROST!

don't forget your sprinkles!

oh i had too much fun making these!!!
sugar high!!! sugar sugar how did ya get so fly?!?
oh boy

and for dinner we had Chicken with Wild Rice Soup found the recipe on my friend Alli's blog.
mmmm sooo good!

This soup reminds me of back in college working at Great Harvest. Oh such a yummy job. When ever I got to pick the soups of the day I ALWAYS picked Chicken with Wild Rice and Tomato Ravioli because they are the best. But I would always accidentally call the it Wild Chicken with Rice soup, ya that changes things. People would usually go with the tomato ravioli after that comment. opps.

Too much sugar. I have a sugar headache, night peeps.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

heyy you guys

me + my family + skype
early celebration of my mom's b-day

i just didn't get any cake.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


okay so this does not count for my "exciting" post

Urban Dictionary: Word of the Day

SnowbookingTo constantly update your status or post on Facebook during a snowstorm. Normally, because your stuck inside and bored out of your mind.

Also can be used to describe Facebook users who constantly discuss, complain, or post pictures about a snow storm.
Sarah must be snowed in and bored, because she's been snowbooking since the storm started.

The roads haven't been plowed so everyone's snowbooking.

Reminds me of not too long ago when facebooked exploded with the word Jimmer or Jimmered
so my question is...
what do you call it when people constantly update your status or post on Facebook period 
like there every thought and action. Every day. All day.
Yes, you know the people. It's annoying. 
So either I should delete a few people or my facebook.
most likely not my facebook.

750 pieces

For some strange reason last week I had a sudden urge to do a puzzle.
So I swung by Half Price Books (which does not have half prize puzzles fyi)
and I picked us out a awesome unicorn puzzle.
750 didn't seem like too much, well it is, its a lot.
We did half of it (the easy parts) in pretty good time
now there is just a half done puzzle sitting on your dinning room table
and it is haunting me.
Ryan suggested tonight that we bag it
I fought for the puzzle and said I would finish it.

Okay I know what your thinking, your on your 5th book (Frankenstein) for the month
(side note 4th book Sarah's Key was really really good, super depressing but I totally recommend it. I don't know way Holocaust stuff is so interesting to me. But if you read it be prepared for some tears. When I was half way though I told Ryan that I had to quickly finish reading it because it was so depressing. But at the same time I loved it. Side note complete.)
AND doing a huge puzzle.
Whittney has way to much time on her hands....
Well its true I quit my job.
And I need lots of breaks to between my endless job hunt/application filling out.
Hence the books, puzzle, bike rides and movies wayy to many movies.

 I never told this blog about my ex-job.
A. because this is not a private blog
B. because I tell you what city I live in.
C. spilling onto the Internet my exact location workplace/city just kinda freaks me out.

But know that I don't work there anymore I will tell you about it.
I work at the airport, for an airline.
It seemed like the prefect job, had awesome benefits.
Such as $30 tickets round trip in the US, ya awesome perk.
Not so awesome job, I quit for several reasons.
And now I am endlessly filling out job applications.
Hoping to find something I love, something challenging.
Sometimes I get frustrated I have been graduated for a year
and still don't have my dream job. But then I remember that half of this
time was getting us situated with Ryan's job.
Which I am super thankful for, because he loves it.
Things will work our for the best the always do.

Its a chilly 30 degrees here in south Texas and
the people here are acting like it is the end of the world.
It's a bit silly.

welp Ryan is asleep and I have some puzzling to do.
goal. one hour. 3 pieces.
I told you we were to the hard part.

I will mostly likely see this post tomorrow and think
wow I am a loser, and that this post is way too wordy.
But I love my life, and promise a much more exciting post next time.