Wednesday, February 2, 2011


okay so this does not count for my "exciting" post

Urban Dictionary: Word of the Day

SnowbookingTo constantly update your status or post on Facebook during a snowstorm. Normally, because your stuck inside and bored out of your mind.

Also can be used to describe Facebook users who constantly discuss, complain, or post pictures about a snow storm.
Sarah must be snowed in and bored, because she's been snowbooking since the storm started.

The roads haven't been plowed so everyone's snowbooking.

Reminds me of not too long ago when facebooked exploded with the word Jimmer or Jimmered
so my question is...
what do you call it when people constantly update your status or post on Facebook period 
like there every thought and action. Every day. All day.
Yes, you know the people. It's annoying. 
So either I should delete a few people or my facebook.
most likely not my facebook.


Kelli and Derek Hill said...

Hahahaha good post, good post. I am always caught between being annoyed by such facebookers or vastly entertained by them. It depends on my mood that day. so I could not possibly delete anyone who provides a healthy portion of the amusement in my life. :) there are some real winners out there, to be sure. But then.... when I look back on my previous posts and cringe I realize hey, I'm a weirdo too!

mb said...

I have all of the college sports fanatics hidden on feed is pretty peacevul.

sistersue said...

I hide all of the game players posts and that helps. I just don't have anyone who posts really obscure and annoying things. Or maybe I just like being nosy and in everyone's business.