Wednesday, February 2, 2011

750 pieces

For some strange reason last week I had a sudden urge to do a puzzle.
So I swung by Half Price Books (which does not have half prize puzzles fyi)
and I picked us out a awesome unicorn puzzle.
750 didn't seem like too much, well it is, its a lot.
We did half of it (the easy parts) in pretty good time
now there is just a half done puzzle sitting on your dinning room table
and it is haunting me.
Ryan suggested tonight that we bag it
I fought for the puzzle and said I would finish it.

Okay I know what your thinking, your on your 5th book (Frankenstein) for the month
(side note 4th book Sarah's Key was really really good, super depressing but I totally recommend it. I don't know way Holocaust stuff is so interesting to me. But if you read it be prepared for some tears. When I was half way though I told Ryan that I had to quickly finish reading it because it was so depressing. But at the same time I loved it. Side note complete.)
AND doing a huge puzzle.
Whittney has way to much time on her hands....
Well its true I quit my job.
And I need lots of breaks to between my endless job hunt/application filling out.
Hence the books, puzzle, bike rides and movies wayy to many movies.

 I never told this blog about my ex-job.
A. because this is not a private blog
B. because I tell you what city I live in.
C. spilling onto the Internet my exact location workplace/city just kinda freaks me out.

But know that I don't work there anymore I will tell you about it.
I work at the airport, for an airline.
It seemed like the prefect job, had awesome benefits.
Such as $30 tickets round trip in the US, ya awesome perk.
Not so awesome job, I quit for several reasons.
And now I am endlessly filling out job applications.
Hoping to find something I love, something challenging.
Sometimes I get frustrated I have been graduated for a year
and still don't have my dream job. But then I remember that half of this
time was getting us situated with Ryan's job.
Which I am super thankful for, because he loves it.
Things will work our for the best the always do.

Its a chilly 30 degrees here in south Texas and
the people here are acting like it is the end of the world.
It's a bit silly.

welp Ryan is asleep and I have some puzzling to do.
goal. one hour. 3 pieces.
I told you we were to the hard part.

I will mostly likely see this post tomorrow and think
wow I am a loser, and that this post is way too wordy.
But I love my life, and promise a much more exciting post next time.


Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

ummmm now i'm freaked out and want to make my blog private. I hate the private/public struggle I always go back and forth!

Whenever i'm working full time I think "Man I really wish I could quit my job and do whatever I wanted all the time" and then when I have all that time I want a job..
Funny how it works out.

Hope you find something soon, I'm sure you will :)

sistersue said...

Skype aunt Leisa and have her help you with the puzzle. She is a master puzzler.

michelle said...

Oh Whittney you make me laugh and want to do a puzzle all at the same time! We are so much alike....i totally love the Holocaust too which is weird! You should rent "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" so sad but also such a fascinating time in history. I loved your comments on by blog! Wish we still lived close! Miss you!