Saturday, August 4, 2012


For the record I am pretty sure I blinked at the end of June and then it was August...seriously though where has the summer gone? I think this heat is getting to my head... anyways here are a few of our July highlights!

This is a little out of order but too exciting not to be first!!!! Our newest nephew was born!!! Beckham Bruce Evans was born July 15th to Ryan's brother Travis and Janae! We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet this sweet little face! 

And yes, I did also talk about a new niece and nephew in my last post.... that's because there have been THREE new Evans babies in one month!!! Here are the newest little cousins all together... these little cuties almost look like they could be triplets! Uncle Ryan and Aunt Whittney can't wait to hold you all!

Before all of that goodness we celebrate the 4th of July by playing and grilling at the beach all day long with a few other couples and then heading to the fireworks at night! It was a pretty successful day of celebrating the USA!!!

Last week we went to a Hooks baseball game and as we arrived Ryan and our friend Josh were asked to participate in the "Bat Race" in-between innings, I quickly answer yes for the two of them. Someone may or may not have bribed the guy to make them spin until one of them puked... there was no vomiting but there was a good 45 seconds or more of spinning and some falling down. Announcer guy was definitely trying to make that extra 50 bucks... Funny Stuff.

Not only is there baby fever in the Evans family right now but also at Ryan's work! We had the first of the showers for little Logan Welch. It was a hit but how could it not be with one of Lorena's cakes there... not only are they are super cute but they are so crazy delicious! Next shower is for baby Brown! If any of you have cute ideas for a baby girl shower? Please share :)

Little Taylor is is still the princess of the house! There is not much in between for this little girl she is either passed out or so wild I can't snap a pic. She has started running with me so that helps get some of her energy out... 2 miles = puppy marathon for those little legs!
 And a little about today... which is technically in August. Oh-well still not changing the name of this title. We declared this weekend sticky buddy weekend! Today was a mini-road trip up to San Antonio for lunch at a cute little french cafe.... pastries yummmmm. Then a peaceful afternoon at the temple. Followed by a Nordstrom's trip :) nothing crazy just some new shades and a dress but a can't help not do a little "back to school shopping" I miss that. But I guess being a grown up and shopping year around is a little more fun! Oh and I fixed my phone... if you shatter the back of your phone the Apple Store will replace for $30... totally worth being able to take off my phone case and not having little shards of glass coming out of it randomly, just an FYI it happens to you :) We ended up cruising around the River Walk and ate some bomb tacos.... still thinking about them! And that was about all for our very much needed Team Evans road trip/sticky buddy day!