Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Utah... our new home!

In the fall Ryan had to opportunity to transfer with work to Salt Lake City! So after 3 1/2 years of living in Texas the Evans' headed to Utah! We where super excited about being back in the northwest, being much closer to friends and family and being near mountains again (skiing, hiking, camping! Yay!) We will miss our Texas friends, the beach, nice weather and my work but overall we are happy with this new change! The move came at a hectic time, I had just been put on bedrest so that meant Ryan got to do it all himself the packing, moving, cleaning and driving. Seriously he is the BEST! Two of his brother flew down and help him out and made the drive back with him which was a lifesaver, we could not have done it without them!

A few happenings since moving to Utah...

BYU-I reunion 

Lots of Dr. visits/ lunch dates

Taylor meets snow.

Ugly sweater party with Ryan's new co-workers.

Cousin couples date night.

Thanksgiving in Idaho!
It had been years, WAY too long

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Texas showers for Baby E!

Back in Texas baby E had a few more showers, we where overwhelmed with all the love and excitement everyone was showing us during this super exciting time in our lives. Seriously how are we so blessed with such amazing friends and family!?

Babys first Texas shower my friend Christy threw, Christy and her cute family had just moved to Houston but she came back to Corpus throw my shower! So sweet, and she had the best news, she is expecting baby #3! My sweet visiting teachers Heidi and Misty helped her throw the shower for all the ladies at our church. Heidi and I served in the church youth program with the teenage girls for a few years, her and Misty both amaze me, they are super moms! The shower was a fun Saturday afternoon with a soup bar, yummy appetizers and of coarse so delish  deserts and a beautiful cake! Sad I didn't get a group picture of all these fabulous ladies!

Elle's second Texas shower our sweet friends the Meeks and the Welchs threw! It was a fun family couples shower/ good-bye party on a Sunday afternoon! We where spoiled and it was just so much fun to hang out with our Texas friends one last time before we moved to Utah. We will miss our Texas family, have spent many fun holidays and weekends with these great people over the last few years!

Elle's last shower with all of my coworkers had to be canceled due to me being in bed rest :( I was so sad about it but these sweet girls brought the party to me! Tiff, Rach, Kelley, Katie and Charis spent my last few nights in Corpus coming over to my torn apart half boxed up apartment to bring me treats and my favorite Corpus foods. Lots of laughs and tears, love these girls! Still getting packages from some of my favorite customers, so sweet and thoughtful, so sad I didn't get to say good bye to any of the with the move being pushed up sooner than we thought with bedrest. After four fun shower we are ready for baby girl! :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Idaho Shower!

September I headed home to Idaho! My mom and sisters threw me a bomb shower for baby E! Seriously so spoiled, I have the greatest friends and family and it was so much fun to see everyone! They made a delicious crepe bar, which was so fitting because it was one of the few things I craved during my pregnancy, Ryan got good at making them, like at least once a week :) We did it open house style so I could visit with everyone that I never get to see, it was perfect!

While I was home my bestie Allyx and cute little Tuck came to Idaho for the shower and stayed to play awhile, it was so much fun to have them here, would not have been complete without them! Amber in Kimber also came in town from Boise. And Nattie, seriously I have the best girlfriends ever!

Other trip highlights:
My cute sister in law Alyson also had her baby shower while I was home so it was so fun to be able to go to that!

We had a Sunday dinner night at my Grandma Potter's where I got to see more family :)

I got to have a temple date with my sweet momma!

My whole fam drove up to grandma and grandpa Prices in Driggs my fav place ever for General Conference and dinner. Such a beautiful drive!

5 years

I have been married to this hottie for 5 fabulous years! We wanted to celebrate by doing nothing but relaxing. So we headed to to San Antonio for 3 days to the JW Marriott Hill County, this place is gorgeous! It has everything you need, we never had to leave! We spent the long weekend at the pool, on the lazy river, the s'more fire pit and at their many restaurants eating yummy food :) It was perfect timing because schools where just starting so there was hardly anyone there! Except a few other preggo girls, seriously everyone one was pregnant we where cracking up they all had the same relaxing weekend idea as me :) It was so nice to spend a fun long weekend with the love of my life  before this cute little baby arrived :)