Saturday, July 25, 2009

kick off your sunday shoes...

Footloose at the Yellowstone Playmill last week, it was good time

our friends
ry & i
cool faces
more cool faces walking around West Yellowstone

this Sunday as in tomorrow i fly out of SLC bright and early to go to Europe, yay it is finally here! i will take lots of pics, i will miss my boy, i wont be blogging for the next 2 1/2 weeks but look forward to some very loooonnngg posts when I return! peace out USA!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunshine & Summertime

okay so it has been a month now from my last blog update ekkk, i will get better! But here is an update for the end of june and start of July! i love summer!!!

a few weeks ago we went with about 20 of are good friends to camp and boat for five days! It was a great break from school and so fun to see everyone! We ate yummy food, slept in tents, hung out at the lake, made a slip n' slide, buried our friends in the sand, and made fun of Chon Peter Barrand (highlight of the trip)

love us
ry on the slip and slide
around the fire
camper shirts
boys getting fire wood

4th of July
Driggs Idaho
i love driggs its one of my favorite places ever, this year all the family, aunts, uncles and cousins headed to my grandparents in driggs for the 4th of july weekend. We played lots of volleyball, worked on the ranch, went to the victor parade, ate LOTS of yummy food, watch the fireworks, taught Ryan how to play annie-I-over (it must be played when all the cousins are in Driggs)

this truck is the oldest registered vehicle in the Teton Valley, who knew grandpa had this hanging around not me, but apparently in Driggs is is okay to park your cars in the road like that haha. Thats another reason I love that place.
cousins! pointing at Savannah's belly!
boys working on the ranch
grandma and some girls at the ranch
victor huckleberry shakes are bomb
you get them here, the victor emporium
mom and aunts and the parade
cousins at the parade
Ryanah having fun with the sparklers, she is too cute

was visiting from CT for the 4th and we got to do lunch, miss her face!

my little sister's pug Roxie had 3 cute puppies a few weeks ago they are so fun

HP & the Half-Blood Price
loved it ,loved it, loved it
although it had its differences from the book I loved it and I thought all the characters were hilarious! Must see again soon!
Ryan is no HP fan, so he was a gem to come along and a real trooper for leaving on the hp glasses i got him long enough for a pic.
he was so excited to be here, can you tell?
Steph brought HP trivia for before the movie
i wanna go to hogwarts
steph and dave

really excited, can ya tell