Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i LOVE love

I  love love. I love being in love. And I love celebrating love! Even the 20 years of being single on v-day before I met Ryan, I always have loved it! Valentines Day is another excuse to celebrate and I am ALWAYS looking for reasons to celebrate! Like Ryan's promotion this Thursday... celebrate! Me putting in my two weeks notice to carinos... CELEBRATE!!!

Valentines Day (well Sunday when we celebrated v-day) was perfect! Ryan had been out of town all weekend on a hunting trip so I had lots of time to my self to prep. I made Ryan's favorite roast, potatoes and corn (best sunday dinner ever) and my favorite asparagus and chocolate covered strawberry's mmmm. I went a little construction paper crazy and cut out tons of red and white hearts and used thread to string them down from the ceiling all around the dinning room table. Ryan's letter was also construction paper lots of shapes and sizes of colorful paper and stuck to my big magnet board. I had way to much fun making it. I got Ryan candy (and then ate it all opps) and Call of Duty Black Ops. If thats not love then I don't know what is! I just had it sitting on the table I was too lazy to wrap it but it took him sooo long to ever see it, then finally WHAT?!? Black Ops? hehe it was funny. Ryan got me well actually us tickets to go see CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: ALEGRIA that is going to be in Corpus this weekend. Whao I am so excited! I especially liked this gift because it extends the celebrating into this weekend! Ryan also wrote me the sweetest letter ever, he is so good at that. And my sweet parentals give me a adorable necklace and Ryan a giftcard, I love them and hate not being able to call them all the time right now. Actual v-day love was substituted for angry/ mean people, ya I worked. I can't believe how extra angry people were on such a happy day. Anyways pictures.

I hope you all had a LOVEly Valentines day! 


Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

I love [love] also!
Cute post

Allyx and Dan said...

you are such a good wifey! Dan and I were mostly boring this vday but Dan did make me the most delicious dinner EVER. I love that he cooks for me... prob cuz he knows that if I cook I will mess it up. Anyway, you guys are the bestest and I miss you times a billion.