Sunday, February 20, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things my bathroom. I have recently noticed the ratio of Whittney to Ryan things in the bathroom is a bit well ridiculous. Yes, I am a girl so I require a bit more but I think I just like cosmetics way too much.

my top 6 cant live without must have in stock at all times.

$2 miracle in a bottle. i use it when i don't feel like doing my hair or as needed.
when i use this i SWEAR my hair grows faster and healthier. it smells heavenly
this is a must have on all beach trips, swimming adventures and vacations.

hands down best chap stick ever.
all scents make you want to lick your lips all day long.
i could only ever find it a store called Habitat in Driggs/Victor ID
so image how happy i was to discover they carry it at the local Sun Harvest Market here.

for a girl that breaks out more in her 20's than her teens this is my number 1
its a preclease you wash your face with before your facewash
my dermatologist recommended it and my face has never felt so clean.

NARS blush color:orgasm (no i did not chose it for the name). this is a new love.
after the first use i can't believe I went my whole like with out it
sooo pretty.

i love color, in eyeshadow, lip stick and nail polish
i love having my my nails painted, current favorite
O.P.I ate berries in the canaries

the first Paul Mitchell's Thicken Up a must have for Idaho/ dry weather it thickens my thin hair.
the second Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum must have in Texas/humid weather to control my fizz.

now bloggers I need your help mascara i have never found one i love, and believe me I have tried a lot
everything at target to mac, bare minerals, lancome, clinique
the best I have found is maybelline stiletto mascara
i like it but I dont love it.

what are a few of your favorite things???
p to the s i watched the sound of music last week
it made my heart happy

i can not stop singing it.


Courtney said...

ohhh I like this post! I think you inspired me to do one!

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

Great post! I am totally going to go buy some detangler now. Genius for swimming trips! Sound of music is my ultimate fave movie along with lotr. if we lived closer together we would have to have sound of music parties. Lancome hypnose mascara in the blackest black they have is my favorite but its quite expensive so I get it once a year in my stocking.

The Tenney's said...

you are so cute! i'm with you on the breaking out thing....where do you get that facewash???

Che' and Amber said...

Hmm those could possibly be some of MY new favorite things. I think it's time to go shopping! Thanks for posting WHitt!

mb said...

nars orgasm is also my all time favorite blush. it is the best ever. you just can't go wrong with that stuff on your face.

Allyx and Dan said...

oooh awesome post. I want that blush! Where do I go to get it? One of my new favorite cosmetics is Garniers Anti-Dark-Circle eye roller. Turns out I have the darkest circles under my eyes all the time and this is an amazing little thing. :)

Whittney and Ryan said...

@ court- do it, i want to read it

@kelli- that would be awesome and then we could play poker with candy and our nail polish haha funny times. Thanks for the suggestion!

@erin- congrats on little Colton! He is adorable, I got it at the dermatologist office but I have seen it in SLC at Apothica in the Gateway Mall!

@allyx- Sephora! where did you get the eye roller? I also have zombie like black circle eyes!

Paige Tice Broadbent said...

I wear the same nars blush.bronzer duo and love it too! I also can't live without detangling spray! I used it when i was like 5 and then didn't most of my life and a few months ago bought some at a salon and realized what a dummy I was for not using it all those years! Cuet post- I love knowing what other girls are using. Maybe I'll post about my products. I think I may be too embarrassed to list them all though.