Monday, February 28, 2011

rambles of a sicko.

I have been sick, sinus infection, flu blah.

So my super duper fun Beach Bocce Ball Bistro Saturday I had planed was canceled or put off.

instead I have been a bum,
moping around,
being best friends with my mac book,
surfing the web for jobs oh
and watching a lot of netflix. to be specific.

Grey's Anatomy Season 5

I watched Grey's back in the good old days of 112 in college, but only up to season 4.
Even so several years later I still enjoyed season five.

It reminded my of another time in college when for a half of a day I decided I should be a doctor. ( I occasionally get slightly ahead of my self and forget about details). A few hours later when I started think about more of those details I decided maybe a nurse. Then it all ended when I got a paper cut and nearly passed out from not even full drop of blood.

Am I the only on that thinks like this? Example 2. I go on a lot of " I want to run a marathon" kicks. ( i hate running). Then after running my first mile in weeks I think, okay maybe a 1/2. Then two days later I am done with my running phase for awhile. Maybe the solution to this little problem of over thinking of mine is baby steps. That is why I am happy to announce that I have signed up to run  in the Beach to Bay Relay this May. It will be Ryan, me and two other couples each running 4 to 5 mile legs (i can totally do this). This is the first race I have ever done (besides high school track) so any tips will be appreciated!

ramble over.


Kelli and Derek Hill said...

yaaay! you are going to love it. running longer distances is so rewarding. i'm training too but in all this snow it is hard. :( I like to pick a mantra that I can repeat to myself over and over while I run or when it gets hard to keep going. my current favorite is, "lighter. faster. stronger." you are welcome to borrow it. :) haha. Good luck!

mb said...

when I was engaged and didn't have anything to do (besides homework, pshh) I watched the first 3 seasons of greys. You know what you should try? Friday Night Lights. Scott and I just decided we love it.

and GOOD FOR YOU for signing up to do the relay...maybe one of these days we'll get that motivation too...

Janae Evans said...

You are brave... I hate running! I admire people who actually do it though they have a lot more will power than I have! Good Luck!!

Che' and Amber said...

I'm sorry you've been sick! :( I'm a big fan of Greys up to season 5 and then it stops. I stopped buying the seasons. Now that I have Netflix, I wished I didn't buy them ha ha. Although, I don't regret getting the first 3 on dvd because they are the best! Plus the quality is a little better. Good luck with the relay!