Monday, October 25, 2010

travel bug

i have it
it consumes much of my thoughts
and way too much of my down time looking at travels sites and blogs.
I just want to go everywhere and see everything.
I have this list
it's long
no i am not showing it to you
its too long
this week i made my self condense it to a top 20 which turned in to 21
i will show you that
don't judge, this may take my whole life (if ever)

in random order, here is the list

oh and it is subject to change, probably a lot


Portland, Maine

San Francisco, CA


Anchorage, Alaska

Hawaii (not sure which island yet)

Navuoo, Il

Orlando, Fl (hp theme park please)

Seattle, WA (with my hub this time)

Nantucket, MA

Palmyra, NY





Costa Rica




The Netherlands




On a travel site i was on today i learned that SLC is #15 on the most visited tourist destinations in america list, thought that was pretty cool.

15. Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

Temple Square is the most popular attraction in the state with five million annual visitors. This ten-acre block located in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City is Utah’s number one tourist attraction.

The Mormon church’s headquarters are here, but Temple Square is more than just a destination for Latter Day Saints.


Paige Tice Broadbent said...

I love that picture of the SLC temple! I guess we have travel bug together, and Thailand is at the top of my list too! There is a little resort there called Napa Sai, Kev and I have been talking about going there for years. Whenever we are stressed we tell each other 'just think of Napa Sai'. We talk about it so much we feel like we have already been there-creepy huh?!
p.s. Thanks for the book on c.d. tip! I am driving over 50 hours so I will most likely be getting HP!

Carrie Marie said...

you should come to seattle!!!! seriously! and we can go get delish organic ice cream from the best ice cream place here!!!! molly moons. plus i would love to see you and meet your hubby!! let me know when you are out here! :)