Monday, October 11, 2010


This is my 100th post on this blog, what better to blog about than a wedding?
To the hand full of you that read my blog thanks for following along on my random rants and pictures and the occasional update on our lives.

Yesterday i was in Idaho. Today Texas, thats pretty cool when you think about it I guess. i am sooo thankful for airplanes!

So I was actually in Idaho all last week and it was bliss but thats for another post another day.
This post is about yesterday.

10-10-10 aka Shelby (Ry's sister) & Bryan's wedding

It was a beautiful day and Shelby looked stunning.

bridesmaids & bride/sister-in-laws
oh and little Blaze (Jessica's boy)

team effort from me, debbie, jessica, janae and even a little help from the groom!

i love this one

the "i do's"

the kiss

and my favorite
the groom vs. Shelby's 4 big brothers


Spencer and Sara said...

Love the pics. And what a sweet Anniversary!

Che and Amber said...

So cute! Those two look great together. I love that I know both of them ha ha. She looks so beautiful and i love the pics!

Paige Tice Broadbent said...

Wow, I love those cupcakes! What a pretty quaint Autumn wedding! And you look lovely as usual.

Amy said...

Freaking Chris' face in the last one. Hahahah!! I can't handle it... he looks constipated. Oh I LOVE the Evans family.