Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 happy things

yes this is my second post in an hour, BUT I just read MB's blog and decided to take her challenge of 10 things that made me happy today. Here it goes.

1. the "cold front" that has hit us hear in south texas aka 80 degree weather such a needed break from the heat.
2. dinner- tin foil dinners & smores
3. it's my day off- yoga, library, making MYSELF a skirt
4. next week GOING HOME so so unbelievably excited, sis-in-laws wedding/shower/girls spa day, much needed family time, some allyx time, sisters volleyball game, brothers football game
5. my sweet husband did this dishes last night, made me happy this morning
6. my new shoes
7. planning a big trip
8. good tunes- this morning priscilla ahn
9. blogging, this is my 99th post, thinking of ideas for the big 100
10.remembering that this weekend is conference

go ahead, what makes you happy? you will feel even happier after writing it, promise.


mb said...

it does make you feel better... I feel better after reading yours too.

Paige Tice Broadbent said...

I think I will take the challenge! I will have to do some thinking- as I am getting really tired of living in Vegas! I think my mouth watered when I read "smores"! Why is it a new pair of shoes can make your week go so well? I get excited over new shoes too.