Sunday, May 2, 2010

as of late...

So after two long months of being apart from my ec, i got to see Ryan! Last weekend i headed down to Florida just an hour away from where Ryan is in training and we headed to this adorable little beach town called Amelia Island, i fell in love with it there! It was a great weekend and so nice to spend time with my boy!

*warning it was crazy humid down there, therefore my hair went absolutely crazy!*

sushi lunch before hitting the beach

A little antique store shopping, i love antique stores i love how they are so unique to the area that you are in! I had to get that wall paper i am holding above i got a few ideas for it!
getting some ice cream
a few minutes later i dropped my delicious raspberry chocolate truffle ice cream cone here (into the marina)
playing at the beach, seriously my hair CRAZY any suggestions because i will be living in humid weather in 2 months and this is just NOT a good look for me!
The beach and town we stayed in reminded me of the town from the book "The Last Song" that i finished reading a little awhile ago. I loved it and highly recommend it!

All in all it was a great weekend i got to spend time with my hub see the beach and visit my cousin and her family in Florida it was so good to see them all! My cousins father-in- law was visiting from Spain and made Payaya Sunday night for dinner it was so delish!!!

The weekend before my visit to see Ryan i went to Utah with Allyx and we had all of our June stuff in a "What Women Want Expo". It was a great experience and it went well! We shared a booth with Allyx's sister Erin she makes these adorable tutus and carseats covers. Allyx cousins also shared a both with us they make some fun feather headbands and beautiful jewelry!

and we now have our etsy sites up and running so check them out!!!


Also my blogging friends please contact me if you want anything from my etsy sites because i will give you a good deal! i normally sell my headbands for $15 a piece, but they are more on etsy because of all the extra work to get them on etsy. SO if you want something get a hold of me via blog, f-book, e-mail or just call me and i will give you the better price!

peace- w


Spencer and Sara said...

I WANT ALL OF YOUR CUTE STUFF! I LOVE IT! P.S. I have been to Amelia Island!! I love all the old people and golf carts!! I am so happy you two were shortly reunited! AWESOME. Love ya!

chelse said...

whitt! I'm so happy you got to see Ryan! I've been thinking about you and I couldn't do it. You're amazing. And.... your hair is so long and I love your bangs. And..... congrats on getting stuff on etsy and selling stuff. I wish I was that ambitious! But Ry and I are back so we need to get together and be friends

MB said...

I want some sushi so bad right now!

So glad you got to spend time together. I don't know how you have been apart so long! ouch!

Allyx and Dan said...

I LOVE that town. It looks so cute! I'm glad you got to see the boy.

I like what you put about our shops so I sort of copied it on mine. Hope you don't mind. :)

Amber and Che said...

Yay! I'm so happy you got to see your hubby! You guys did so much stuff! And it's all so amazingly adorable. Good job you two! So talented!

Carrie Marie said...

your stuff is really cute! i plan on getting some stuff soon!