Saturday, April 23, 2011

137,280 feet

Ryan, my husband, is a hard core fu.
He does this work out program thingy called Seal Fit.
Seal Fit has these insane monthly challenges.
This months challenge is to ruck a marathon.

Ruck= brisk walk/jog with 40-50lbs backpack on.
Marathon= well you all know this, 26 miles.

Well my little sweetie pie did it. TODAY.
5am to 1pm with tiny 5 min breaks every six miles

He is one crazy hombre. I really wish motivation was contagious.

"People are crazy for doing stupid stuff like that!" -Ryan sitting down after the ruck

"ugh, so this is what it feels like to be old, seriously this is got to be what it feels like to be 90" -Ryan when standing up after sitting down after the ruck.


michelle said...

Ah I love this post! Its so funny/amm Amazing! Ryan has so much endurance and your the one who benefits the most! Hot hubby for you!!!

Sourire said...

amen! AWESOME totally insane work out! kudos to ryan and lucky you!

Kelli and Derek Hill said...


About words with friends- I actually deleted it from my phone because it started acting really really weird. I have android and I don't think they have it figured out yet for that because it would like delete random letters off my board and my games would just disappear and stuff. So I thought I'd wait awhile till they get the bugs figured out. to make a long story short, That is why I have disappeared out of the words with friends world and I am missing it. I want to beat you. This is a really long comment. I am done now.

PS you have a wonderful blog. it makes me happy :)

sistersue said...

Wow, I don't know if I'm more impressed or just confused about why he would torture himself.

mb said...

I just got tired reading about that.

Allyx and Dan said...

he is crazy, crazy insane, and awesome for doing that.