Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sundrenched World

it is seriously so nice here right now
i just wish it would last
i know that insane heat is just around the corner
i am enjoying the weather while it lasts
beach trips, outdoor outings, running outside, easter candy bingeing
okay so that last one is kind of a anywhere thing

Best purchase of the week: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD
watched this morning and i can not wait to watch it over and over again!

This weekend we went to Sand Fest, what's Sand Fest? It's when a bunch of professional sand sculptures get together and show off their skills and non-professional sand sculptures walking around gawking at them in amazement. Seriously? Most of these pictures are of the amateurs sand sculptures.

the sun brunt my back, bad. 
and its at that annoying itching stage right now
 which means peeling next ew
last Thursday beach day with the girls
only ones that were captured: little Bethany (passed out under the towel)
Lauren (who finds out boy or girl with week! i know you can't even tell she is preggers)
and ME, yes this is  probably the first time you all have ever seen me in a one piece, but i was feeling all chubbers that day, okay, i blame the easter candy.

and last but not least what would a girl blog post be without food...
our first Texas BBQ experience
this was actually first BBQ experience together
which is weird because i love it, but ryan always votes it out.
funny story
so we get our food (i am all excited)
i start dumping bbq sauce on my brisket sandwich
i look up to see a shocked/disturbed look on Ryans face
he just says, i had know idea you liked barque so much.
okay so you definitely had to be there and see Ryan's horrified face to get the humor


HAPPY EARTH DAY/WEEK! Do something fun outside!


chelse said...

you have no idea how jealous I am right now. I would cut off my pinkie to have a day at the beach where I wasn't cold the entire time or didn't have wind blowing off my swimsuit and messing up my hair. Yea for you're happy home!

chelse said...

ps I'm still wondering about this job...

mb said...

oh warm weather. someday it will come to ny...I think.

we love barbecue too.

Sourire said...

Ahh looks amazing! So warm and wonderful. Rexburg... not so much.

Kelsi Fullmer said...

I am SOOOO coming there!

Allyx and Dan said...

i LOVE those sand sculptures, especially the elephant! I'm so happy its so nice there... someone needs to be enjoying outside because I know I'm not. It's depressing how crappy the weather is here. I think a trip to CC is just what I need...