Saturday, April 16, 2011

everybody clap your hands

Friday Date Night

We were this ---> '' close to staying in and glueing our sleepy butts to the couch, but last minute we changed out minds and headed out to the minor league Hooks game. SO glad we did, it was seriously the most beautiful night out! It was our first hooks game and will most definitely not be our last. The field was actually really nice, right off of shoreline so we got the breeze from the gulf and the bridge in the background. Our seats were taken when we arrived so we snagged up some awesome empty ones right behind home plate next to some friends. We enjoyed a super nutritious dinner at the park. Ryan: Hot Dog, Fries, DP and peanuts. Me: DP and Cracker jacks (it felt appropriate). That about sums up our diets Ryan junk and me sweets. The Hooks lost but after the game there was a firework show and some country concert which we had enough of after 1 1/2 songs. Great night with my bf/ec/bb/sb/ hubby. (Translation:boyfriend or best friend/eternal companion/ battle buddy/sticky buddy/husband). Love my life.