Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grateful Lady

inspired by mrs. chelse.

polish. I had a Ulta trip this weekend and scored 5 new polishes. From the top: OPI: bling dynasty, ESSIE: sew psyched, ESSIE: chinchilly, OPI: black shatter, ESSIE: splash of grenadine. It was a fun day. This is my first time buying ESSIE and so far i like it (currently wearing chinchilly perfect grey shade). But my favorite of the lot is OPI: black shatter! It's so cool, a must have. You put it one top of another color and then it shatters so you can see the color underneath and have cracks of black. It's the bomb, but if you are not a fan of black polish there is a silver shatter coming out in May and supposed to be red and white coming soon too!

delicious food. i love it. too too much, but everyone does right? ryan calls me his skinny fat girl because i am always talking about FOOD. every once in awhile i get in the mood to cook, to try new things. today was one of those days!
Diner: Eggplant Parmesan which was more like a eggplant lasagna, Garlic Ricotta Stuffed Mushrooms and a Caesar salad. It all turned out so so good. Ryan of coarse was super hesitant and probably only even tried it because it took me so long to make. Guess what? HE LIKED IT, he even got seconds and then went to McDonlads later because he said he needed his protein. ha. This weekend I also made chicken salad crussiont sandwiches that had almonds, celery, grapes & greek yogurt very good. And for Easter dinner at Ryan's request ham, cheesy potatoes and rolls.

good friends. i have made some great girlfriends down here, thankfully, because i need them. i always do and Heavenly Father must know this about me because though out my entire life i have ALWAYS been blessed with the best of friends. i feel so spoiled, i have always been surrounded by such amazing people. i just love people.

happy holidays. i love celebrating. with ryan, with my family and with lots of candy. it was a great easter ryan and i had a easter egg dying competition sunday. we found a judge that we knew would not take the position lightly, aaron my bro. ryan won with his blue egg, it was pretty cool i guess.


Kelli and Derek Hill said...

I LOOOVE eggplant parmesan. There used to be an italian restaurant in provo with THE best eggplant parmesan. But then they went out of business. :( If more people would have tried the eggplant parmesan they never would have gone out of business. Fun post!! I love OPI never tried/heard of the other one!

chelse said...

yea I love you happy thoughts. Keep em coming and we'll be the happiest people ever!

morgan and tina said...

I love Whitney.
that is all.

sistersue said...

I've never heard of Shatter nail polish but I'm going hunting for some. It sounds cool!

Janae Evans said...

You and Ryan are so cute and creative for Holidays I wish I had as much spunk as you! Wish you were closer!