Monday, April 4, 2011


{we had a wonderful weekend of firsts}

friday night we participated in the Downtown ArtWalk for the FIRST time

attend our FIRST crawfish boil saturday with the gang from Ryan's workforce

and sunday had our FIRST get-together at our place with some new friends from our church.

{some other recent highlights}

General Conference listening this weekend, so many great talks. I love the gospel.

watching the most adorable little girl today.

getting a new phone, i phone 4 baby!

girls night with the lady's from church/meeting new friends, thats always a good thing!

april fools day, i fooled my mom, mother-in-law and Ryan

all images of these events were lost with my poor old phone along with my phone numbers. sad day.


mb said...

get on instagram with your iphone 4! we shall be friends.

chelse said...

ohh what a good weekend! downtown artwork sounds wonderful