Thursday, January 19, 2012


My hilarious, awesome, sweet little brother Aaron Potter opened his mission call tonight! He will be serving a two year mission for the LDS church in the New York, New York North Mission, speaking Portuguese! I am so excited for him and a very proud big sissy! I know that he will be an amazing missionary and will touch so many lives! I may have been secretly dreading this day/looking forward to it his whole life, not having my little brother around or at the other end of the phone for a whole two years will be tough but I know that it will be worth it and that this will be such an amazing time in his life! Plus there are always letters :) A saying I saw on pintrest put it best I think...
"Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time so that others may be with their families for eternity."
Congratulations Bubba!!!

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Allyx and Dan said...

so amazing! Tell him congrats! We're so excited for him! He will be so great!