Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oh what a happy time of the year!
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

The week of christmas I got to go to the place where every time you leave the house you see someone you know also known as Idaho Falls and HOME. While Ryan was hard at work.

What a happy week full of time with my awesome family, games, shopping, food, annual Potter seafood dinner, dad's b-day, fudge, sister-in-laws and new niece, mother-in-law, by two besties Nattie & Allyx, and SNOW!!! PERFECT WEEK.

Luckly for you I remembered a few hours before I left to use my camera for the first time all week.

yes those mugs are empty
no those presents are not
and yes that is a tickle fight you are seeing

I made it back to Texas early morning Christmas Eve to spend the day with Ry we had a delish Chirstmas Eve dinner at our friends house and played some games. After we got home we ended up having our Christmas South Texas/Mexico style (same thing) where you open you presents at midnight on Christmas Eve, yep it was as awesome as it sounds! I got so many fun and cute things from my friends, family and hubby who made my first Christmas away from home extra special. 

I am not ready for it to be over so maybe I am still listening to Christmas music.


Che' and Amber said...

I'm still listening to Christmas music too!! It's not over for me until the year says 2011! Love the pics those are fun. Hope you guys had a holly jolly Christmas! Have a wonderful New Year! LOVE YA

sistersue said...

I'm so bummed that I was sick and didn't get to talk to you while you were here.