Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 highlights

Jan. Enjoyed the BOTH of us being graduated. Ry gets his dream job. Our niece Azlynn is born.

Feb. Ry leaves for 4 1/2 months of training. whit moves home with family.

March. lots of phone dates

April. Whit visit's Ryan, weekend vaca at Amilea Island.

May. Ry turns 27, Whit visit's Ryan & Jacksonville.

June. Ryan graduates the acadamy, whit and his mom suprise him in GA for it, move to texas, whit = 23

July. Kaylee and Tyler get married aka visit to Idaho. Whittney & Allyx start the June blog.

August. 2 year anniversary! Whit finds a job in CC

Sept. football started and we got to watch my brothers games online! My parents 25 anniversary.

Oct. Shelby and Bryan get married aka another visit to Idaho!

Nov. hp 7 premeire, delish Thanksgiving.

Dec. NYC, Idaho and a very merry christmas! Our necie Anstion is born. And the worst move ever.

2010 was a great year with lots of big events and accomplishments cant wait to see where we will be and what we will be doing this time next year!



Terry Bergeson said...

Whittney I love reading your blog. You are a amazing with so much talent. I love reading about all the fun things you and Ryan do. He so lucky to have you and you him. I also love reading about how much you love your family because I love them too!! Thanks for sharing and I miss not ever seeing you. So, if you ever have time to spend in St. George I know where there is a place for you to stay!!!! Love and miss you. Aunt Terry

Whittney and Ryan said...

Oh Terry you are too sweet!I miss not seeing you guys! We are too far away! I hope we get to come to St. George sometime soon! Love and miss you too!

chelse said...

dang you had a good year! How are you liking Texas though? I miss you guys