Friday, May 8, 2009


Well seeing as how school is taking over my life, i guess thats what I will blog about. Besides all the normal reading, test taking and paper writing there were two fun thing I worked on this week.
First for my pracitcum I am working with my friend Allyx all semster which will be so fun! We are working for her brothers company Global OutREACH Foundation, it really sweet it a non-profit organization that Allyx and I are planning a fundraiser for coming up here in a few weeks! Anyways its a great new foundation check out the website.

Second was just a little paper I had to write for my sociology class to demenstrate we understand the thoerys we are learning. So I wrote about High School Musical.

it was really fun to write! the rest of my school work is really boring and time consuming so I will spare you the horrible details!


Cynda said...

This is why we are friends.

Maribeth said...

Ha. Awesome.

Amber and Che said...

That is so cool! I loved reading about High School Musical. I secretly like the show ha ha. I love the song where their dancing in the lunch room. Anyway it's very interesting. I loved it!!!

Allyx and Dan said...

HA! This is so awesome. That is the best paper. I wish my other classes allowed me to write something fun like that.