Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"dog's age"

Maribeth informed me the other day via f-book that it has been a dogs age sense i have update my blog, this is true it has been way too long! So I am going to play a little catch up.

So those of you that know me pretty well know that I love love love to play and this gets even worse when summer time comes around luckily Ryan is here to remind me that I have other responsibility besides play or I would get nothing done! Here are a few fun little things I have been up to lately! (Warning: Broken Camera all pictures are from phone :()

First- okay wow this was like three weekends ago but i will tell anyways! So Ryan's little sis Shelby was moving away for the summer and it was his mother Debbie's b-day and she was taking Shelby down to the SLC airport so me along with the other sister-in-laws (Jessica and Janae) decide to surprise Debbie and go down with them and get a hotel room and go shopping, just a little girls trip for her birthday and it was so fun we totally surprised her! We made a much needed trip to the Gateway, ate at Tucanos and instead of birthday cake got a variety of yummy Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes yum! Super fun trip even with Shelby loosing her key to her luggage, and us having to break in with what ever we could find (we did get in eventually), us getting lost in Salt Lake, the room mix up with only one bed, pulling stuff out of Shelby's suit case at the airport to get it under weight, and lastly the smallest medium size pizza that was supposed to feed us all one night. haha. but those funny things are what we will remember about the trip I am sure.
The girls- this pic is actually from our girls trip in December when my camera worked

Two sundays ago it was so nice out side so we played with our friends at mesa falls had a picnic and a game of bocce ball, it was so nice to be out side!!
Ryan, Dan and Chad wait I mean Dave (HSM fans?)
Whit, Steph, Allyx we are friends
i like it when he hugs me

Date night, no pics so i will keep it short even though it was lots of fun.
Who: me&ryan dan&allyx dave&steph nattie&andy
What: swimming green canyon, tin foil dinners, football
When: last Tuesday
Where: Green Caynon
Why: for fun

Birthday shout out to my boy!
Ryan turned 26 on Monday! To celebrate we had the intention of camping, fitting because I got Ryan an awesome eight man tent for his birthday. So Sunday we headed up to the Kelly Canyon area along with Dave, Steph & Recon and also Brandon and Steph who were up from Utah! Sadly it was raining, luckily my sweet grandma let us stay in her camper that was up at Heise, we made tin foil dinners that were pretty darn good and hung out by the fire. Monday happy birthday Ryan!!! we got up and swam at heise all day long went down the slide a million times and of coarse came up with a millon different way to go down as well. That night tin foil dinners again! And Dan and Allyx came up for birthday cake and talked about magical things with us.
Typical Ryan to blow out the candles BEFORE we finished singing
check out that sweet GUN cake i made him
hope you had a good birthday ry! love you!

Birthday #2 Kaylee turned 19!
My little sis's birthday was on Sunday and before camping we went over to my parents and had dinner and celebrated Kaylee's birthday! Hope you had an amazing birthday Kaylee you are a pretty rad sister! love YOU!
her senior pic haha

last thing before this loooong post is over is flag football it started two weeks ago and our team is legit we are called RESTRAINED, so far we have had two games.
Game 1: we creamed them, and I scored a touchdown!
Game 2: we sadly lost in over time due to a silly misunderstanding after an interception, but thats okay Dan says we don't want to win them all cause we don't want to be in first place at the start of the tournament bracket.
Game 3: is tonight at 10:15 go RESTRAINED!


Brooke said...

I love that you went to Green Canyon! I use to love to go there when we visted Idaho. So much fun!

Amber and Che said...

Wow sounds like you have been busy Whit. I will forgive you for not posting. But next time I won't be so forgiving. ha ha jk I'm proud of you and your touchdown. Way to go! And Happy Birthday Ryan!! I love how the cake just says "Guns." I laughed so hard, you guys are so funny. Glad you guys had fun!

Maribeth said...

HOLLA!!! I would just like to thank myself for giving you crap on your fb for not updating and also pointing out that Dave is holding the football just like Chad holds the basketball in HSM. I.Love.It.

Okey doke. Cute post. See you SOON!!

Brooke said...

Yes we have moved! We are in the thinck of the heat!

Allyx and Dan said...

yahoo for green canyon. yahoo for guns. yahoo for birthdays. yahoo for camping. yahoo for friends. yahoo for high school musical.

jim said...
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