Monday, May 4, 2009


W, this letter entertained me on my 40 min drive to school today. Not sure why W I started of thinking about a good name for my portfolio website and got sucked into the letter W. I am so excited for summer, water, wake boarding and watermelon. That is when I passed the girl with the Wacky hair, every MWF I pass a girl on Hitt Road a little after eight I drive past a girl driving the opposite direction with super gothic makeup and the craziest hair! It is different everyday but ALWAYS straight up and out in some sort of mo-hawk. And I always wonder, how does she get in her car, how long does that take her, what kind of product does she use, and finally WHERE is she going?

Washington D.C. i miss exploring that city with Ryan, I would not mind living there some day. probably not Washington state though expect Seattle I liked Seattle, maybe not the rain but I liked the city.

Witches are cool, if I were a witch I would want to be a mix between Hermione and Elphaba. Hermione because I would want her brains, friends and spell knowledge. Elphaba for her for her bravery, beautiful voice and of coarse because she can defy gravity.

Whazzz up? I hate it when people say that, glad people don't anymore.

Whatamacallit, now that's a funny word, my mom uses it a lot.

Worry, I do this a lot. To much actually i wish I did not but I can't help it.

Because of my misplaced IPOD adapter things like this are quite frequent in my head lately.

World Wide Web, i like it thats all
my friend Whitney also became a WWW last weekend, she looked beautiful!
Whitney Woodland Wilde
I have A LOT of friends named Whitney, I count 8 in my phone right now

WHy am I saying WHat What WHay?
Wondering how my Hot Rod cake turned out?

he liked it. (Best I could do with out a camera, mine is broken :()

Wondering what our new calling is? We are now the 14-18 year old Sunday School teachers, its a small youth so they are tying to combine two classes. I am excited it will be a fun calling, we taught our first lesson on Sunday, it was scary.
must find that adapter.


Allyx and Dan said...

haha i LOVE this post. i wanna see this chick with the WACKY hair! I also like witches. I think I would be Ginny Weasley because then I would be super powerful and get to date Harry Potter. another W word I have just thought of is WARDROBE... and how mine is very sad, meaning we should go SHOPPING! :)

Steph said...

I know your friend Whitney! But I cannot remember for the life of me where I know her from! It is driving me crazy! Maybe she knows! haha. But you are adorable and I really enjoy reading your thoughts. I think you shouldn't find your adapter. Thinking is good for the brain!

Tyson and Alli said...

I want to see this wacky-haired girl! I'm always driving behind a super slow Honda CRX when I go to school and then as soon as I go to pass it, it speeds up. Lame! I'm considering a different route.
Good luck with your new calling! We just called to be primary teachers, not sure what age yet. I'm nervous but excited!

Maribeth said...

HAHAHAH!!! I absolutely LOVE that you guys are teaching teenagers. That is truly hilarious to me. Also, I love this post, mostly because it is super random and I have super random thoughts all the time and I love it.

See you in 2 months (ish)!