Saturday, February 22, 2014

Summer 2013

Our summer is pretty easy to sum up in one post... Pregnancy sickness haha. Seriously pregnancy is the coolest most amazing thing in the world. Growing a little human inside of you and feeling it move and kick around and to see your belly grow and grow, going to ultrasounds and getting to see that little baby is just awesome. Pregnancy is also the worst I had constant nausea and migraines. The migraines where the worst cause you can't take anything for them besides Tylenol, I tried EVERYTHING from massages (so many massages) to essential oils (which helped, but now the smell of those things remind me of being pregnant and the slights smell of them make me barf) to every funny little trick you read on Pintrest! So recap of our summer... we didn't do much, Ryan was a champ for months of taking care of me. Lots of Netflix and early to bed nights ha!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, and I was determined to have fun regardless of being sick! We spent the day at our friends the Williams, for there 4th of July BBQ. It's always fun to get together with Ryan's co-workers! I could not believe how big a lot of the kids where, makes me feel like we have been in Corpus for a LONG time! After that we headed to the Yacht  Club to see Ben & Tiff and ended up up going out on a customers boat later that evening to watch the firework show from the bay. It was a fun 4th!

A few other summer highlights:
* finding out we are having a girl!!! We where so excited and both went out and pick her out an outfit :)
* Ryan not having to go out of town lots for work, we had lots of time together :)
* A beach trip or two.
* Some fun date nights at out fav places, when food was actually sounding good to me :)
* Our 5th anniversary ( more about that in the next post!)

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