Thursday, November 21, 2013

The BEST birthday ever!

Ryan really out did himself with my birthday this year, it wasn't a big one, but he knows I love to celebrate my b-day! A few weeks before he started bringing up my birthday surprise and then down playing it again and then talking about it again all I knew was that I was taking several days off work. Then the day before my birthday Ryan had me pack my bags and we headed to San Antonio for my surprise, we got there checked into a hotel and I was SO tired and passed out... I didn't even hear Ryan leave. I did hear a bunch of commotion when he came back at midnight (technically my b-day now) I heard a bunch of people singing Happy Birthday to be specific... my whole family (minus Aaron & Tyler) in my room! I was so excited and delirious/confused my first thought was that Ryan had gotten me home somehow and we where in a hotel in SLC haha! But nope my Mom, Dad, Emily, Kaylee and Charlotte had all come down to Texas to party with me for my birthday! Yep, best birthday ever! We had so much showing them around San Antonio and the Corpus Christi! It was a blast to have them all down to see where we live. Charlotte was a fan she LOVED the beach and the aquarium, she was too much fun. 
I was super sad for them to leave but cheered up pretty fast because that night Ryan and I where headed to a concert I had been looking forward to for months in Austin... Mumford and Sons! When the tickets went on sale Ryan and I had both planned on getting them for the other for a birthday present haha. Went went with Rachel and Phil and it was too much fun, they where amazing live!!!

Baby E. Size of a lime. 12 weeks.

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