Sunday, September 9, 2012

The not so surprising surprise...

Ryan 18 days in Utah & Idaho
Whittney 13 days in Utah & Idaho


One super long post!

Ryan took off to Utah for some fun dude days and I followed close behind! I flew in late one night and partied with Dan and A-Rock then the next morning we where off to the beautiful state of Idaho with a stop in there to visit my Aunt Vicki, cousin Savannah and her cute kiddos.

Love this place!

Home Sweet Home!

Charlotte and I reunited at last... she really missed her aunt Whittney :)

Charlotte meeting her uncle Ryan... this was her first reaction. Ha, a little unsure. 

But it only took took two seconds for her to warm up to him! 


The next day we went to Lava Hot Springs with Ryan's fam. It was a party with 7 cousins on that side now. We got to meet the sweet new little babies, Beckham, Paizley and Baron! We swam and played and slid and water rockclimbed with the fearless "big kids". Seriously they where fearless and fun and cute and growing up way to fast!
Travis and Ryan helping Aniston down the slide. She looks like she is crying and terrified, but I promise that is laughter and tears of joy haha she LOVED that slide!


The next day we ventured to Driggs with my familia with a pit stop through Rexburg and Monkey Rock. A fun little walk through our old stomping grounds! I was sad to make it Driggs with no view of the the Tetons or any signs of mountians for that matter, it was SO smokey from all the Idaho fires. But we took a beautiful drive up ski hill road to Targhee and rode the lift to the top and from there we had a beautiful hazy view of the Tetons and did some little fun hiking around and enjoying the Huckleberry Festivals! I love huckleberries... especially in the form of a shake :) We spent the rest of the day with my sweet  Grandma and Grandpa Price in Driggs.


Tyler is most definitely flipping me off in this pic... real cool Tyler!
Which reminds me of a funny story involving Tyler and flipping people off... It was two summers ago and the week of Kaylee and Tyler's wedding. Tyler flipped off some "crazy" lady while driving. Turns out that crazy lady was my mother, he had just given the bird to his almost mother in law! Ha ohhh Tyler.


Ryan and Tyer doing "manly" things like throwing big rocks.

Had to.

Charlotte really really wanted some of Ryan's shake that he was teasing her with.


The next day was Sunday Funday with TWO baby blessings! First was Ryan's brother Travis and Janae blessed their sweet little Beckham and had a delish brunch at her parents. The his brother Chris and Jessica blessed Paisley and had a fun get together at their place. More fun time with those cute little nieces and nephews!

Ice blocking! This kept the littlies entertained for quite some time, they loved it! It was so funny to watch all the different ways they would go down, or the ways their uncles would tell them to.  Funny story, Blaze is such a good big brother and cousin he pushed that ice block up that hill over and over again thinking he was going to get a chance to ride down but every time one of the girls would jump on and slide down right after he made it to the top. So without saying anything or getting upset he would run back down and push it up again. Finally after this happening about 8 times Blaze lost it and says "I just cant take it anymore!" It was hilarious. End of story.


The rest of our week in Idaho was a fun blur of lunch dates, tennis match, game nights, a Potter family get together, Emily's volleyball game, BYU football bash with both families, making a "greenie" package for Elder Potter, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Oh and Ryan trying to beat me in Ping Pong... which he did once, I won't tell you how many tries that took :)
i love my Charlotte time!

Team Evans!

Emily's cheering section!

Yep they weigh the exact same amount.

The Evans cousins!


Luckily we had more fun plans for after Idaho so I didn't even have to be sad about leaving! We spent the last few days in Utah hanging out with our friengs! We got to stay with the awesome Total Moedl's and take a tour of their new home that is almost done ekk plus I got to feel little baby Moedl kick so that was worth the whole trip right there! Extra bonus the YGBG's where visiting also! We got to have a girlie dinner with my bf Nattie before she left to Idaho! The boys got to do manly things like shoot guns and we got to do even better stuff like shopping, pedi's and fro-yo. Games were played, Scattergories for a teeny tiny bit, Settlers for awhile and then Dominion for a ridiculous amout of time. I also was introduced to Parks and Recreation... yes I am the very last person to jump on the band wagon but I am super happy to be there, that show is hilar! 
(photo borrowed from the talented MB)

And now are back home to the blazing heat and our Ttay!


Allyx and Dan said...

YAY! Best trip!!! I'm so glad you got to partay with your fam too. That is so funny that Tyler flipped your mom off. hahah! Also, your nephew Blaze cracks me up. Very funny. Anyway, I miss you already and need for you to come back NOW. I will get you a snowcone if you do...

PS: love the title. seriously one of my favorite stories ever.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Cutest Evans family!