Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Beach to Bay Day finally arrived and I survived! Friday night our team of 6 people/3 couple had a little pow-wow spaghetti dinner pre game shin dig you get the idea. Saturday morning Ryan and I headed to the bay we had the last two legs of the marathon and my sweet husband decided to run my leg with me what a gem. The 4.2 miles went great, I was just not prepared for the heat it was SUCH a humid morning. It was my first race and it was fun fun! (looking back on it, during not so much).

Later that night my boss (LOVE my new job btw) had a birthday party that was BLAST. The theme was bohemian and it was adorable. Her husband and friend surprised set it all up, such a fun night with yummy-o food! Of coarse I am obsessed with the elephant cake stand.


Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

skinny girl!! Good job on the running. I pretty much despise it but sometimes force myself to do it so I can enjoy peanut butter M&M's every other day.

Sourire said...

awesome!! i am so impressed by your running skills :) also that party looks fabulous, love the elephant too! we sure miss you guys, really hope we get to see you in idaho next month!!

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

I want to be a runner like you! Congrats on that race!