Thursday, March 10, 2011

colorful not quirky

today i hung out in the kitchen
making jam
starwberry AND raspberry
do you know how much sugar is in jam?
I didn't, but it's a lot....yum
wanna know what else?
jam is super easy to make

it goes a little like this....

while jamming out to...

i was nervous
i called my mom
5+ times
but turns out it is pretty
easy peasy.

I bought Sure Jell Premium Fruit Pectin
and followed the inside instructions for
{quick & easy freezer jam & jelly}

today really was a day of experiments
i also tried this new hair do
my friend Chelse linked a Maiden Braid Tutorial to her blog
and i have been dying to try it
the results....

meish meish 
i need thicker hair! 
well it was fun to try 
even if i had to add a braided headband thing to fill it in.

i also applied for a job
{okay i am always doing this}
but this job is way different than the usual {advertising} jobs i apply to
its for a Adoption Agency
to be a Placement Coordinator 
i think it would be such a rewarding job
keeping my fingers crossed!

i bought my first Sam's Club membership today
totally made me feel like a grown up

the guy two people in front of me
at the store bought $105 worth of
Dr. Pepper. Ya that's A LOT of DP.

then the guy right in front of me 
bought a bajillion packs of kool-aid
did you know they ring those up individually?
i did because i always get in line behind 
the person that is buying out the store of kool-aid
true story.
so during this mayhem
i read a cute article about  Zooey Deschanel
i heart her.

Happy ALMOST Friday!!!
Ohhh how i love the weekends!!!


Rachel said...

i call my mom at least 10x when i'm cooking something and i don't know what i'm doing. love the hair do! braids are always a good choice. and good luck with that job! oh, and i had no idea, but emily deschanel from 'bones' and zooey deschanel are sisters - took me forever to figure that out, ha

chelse said...

whitt the hair is super cute! Mine turned out like yours too, but maybe one day our hair will be long and lush again! ps your jam makes me want to make one, and I love your lil pink get up!

Paige Tice Broadbent said...

So, the only thing my husband and I will eat is home-made jam and I am always trying to convert others! Love it- and I love Zooey Deschanel too- Do you like her music (She & Him)?

morgan and tina said...

i LOVE raspberry jam. it's the best and i was surprised to see how much sugar is in it as well! :]
good luck on the job hunting and i just might need to figure out how to do that lil braid too!

Shay said...

Love your choice of music to jam out to while making jam. Love your apron and love the braid hair do! I wish I had thicker hair too. :)

Che' and Amber said...

So thinkin' I need to make some jam now!! Thanks Whitt! Good luck on the job!

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

So I wish you lived here because now that i'm leaving Overstock to go back to school they need someone to do my job! You would be sooo sooo perfect for it too!!

Allyx and Dan said...

whittney i freakin love your blog. and your braided hair. i am stupid when it comes to doing cute hairstyles. anyway i need to start cooking asap because you always post recipes and they sound so good. i love zooey deschanel too. she is so cute and wonderful.