Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas time in the city

Last weekend I got to go to New York City with Ryan, Dad, Mom and Grandma Potter. We had a grand time. It was the first time for my Dad and Grandma. We squeezed alot into the 4 days we were there.

We played touriest by seeing most of the "must see's".

Central Park. Wicked. Times Square. Manhatten Temple.
Rocfeller Center. Empire State Building.
Staten Island Ferry out to see the State of Liberty.
China Town. Soho. Grand Central Station. Washingotn Square Garden.
Financial District. Ground Zero. Tried to go to Regis & Kelley, no luck. lots of subway rides.
Central Park

Washington Square Garden/Empire State Building

Grand Central Station

Ry & I

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

Manhattan temple

times square, not my fav

i love wicked

Christmas was every where I looked and I loved it! So many Christmas trees all over the city! I love this time of the year and NYC definitely know how to get into the Christmas spirit!

and of coarse, the tree at the Rockefeller Center

Oh I LOVE New York City!

We ate ate and ate lots of delioues food.
Shake Shack. Rice to Riches. Pink Berry.
Jr. Cheesecake chocolate mousse. Lombardis Pizza. Magnolia Bakery red velvet cupcake.
Kat'z Deli Pastrami sandwhich, Nutx 4 Nutz. Hale and Heartly Soup.
yummm nyc has the best food

Shake Shack

I got to see my dear friend Cynda her hubby Ben and meet there cute friends Mike & Kristen.

We also got to see Scothcy, no MB sadly.

oh and I cant forget our 3 celeb sightings...

Louie Vito pro snowboarder, Crystal Bowersox- American Idol, the "angry elf"- Elf

It was a perfect weekend spending lots of much needed time with my parents and grandma, they are the best! We had loads of fun exploring the city, and not getting lost once! I am pretty proud of that accomplishment, I mean I get lost here in Corpus. But thanks to the iTrans NYC app I download we made it around just fine, it was a life saver. If you are planning a trip to New York and need help on the subway it worth every penny of the $3.99. December was the perfect time to visit, seems like a lot of other people thought that too. Saturday night at the Rockerfeller Center was not a good idea crazy crazy crowded. Next time I think I would like to see the city in the summer and just relax in Central Park and the Met the whole time, until then good-bye NYC!


Che' and Amber said...

Oh man I love NYC!! I've gone twice and I really want to go again, especially during Christmas! That would be a dream come true. You did everything that I love to do there! Don't you just love Wicked? LOVE all your pictures, they are so fuN! What a great Christmas trip! Oh by the way, thanks for the Christmas card! SOOOO cute! Love ya! And Merry Christmas!

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

I love New York. There are so many reasons to be in love with that city! I loved looking at all of your photos. You did fit a ton in. How fun and what a great trip! I too love Wicked!

Sara said...

I've only ever been to NYC during Christmas time. It is so magical. Love all the pics. We got your card!!! LOVE IT. Its on the fridge!!!

mb said...

I can't believe you were here and we didn't see each other. we are bad friends.

Sourire said...

Looks like an absolutely amazing trip! I can't wait to visit New York one day :) loved all your photos!