Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Kincet, fun to play. Even more fun to watch your friends play

We are twinners. It's actually surprising does not happened as much as it should considering that 1/2 of the clothes that I own Allyx also has, we have good taste.

Last weekend we had a awesome short trip up to Utah to see our friends.

Got to to breakfast with my long lost cousin. Smash burger with friends. Kincet, Dominen and of coarse next to no sleep cause that's how we roll.

We had a pit stop/got stranded in Houston and had dinner at Cheesecake with friends which happened to be next door to an Antropologie with the best window displays ever, they never disappoint.

Something interesting clicked this weekend, I would like to live in Utah. I know I was surprised too. I have never been "anti-Utah" but I have never really thought I would live there. On the way home Ryan said he was thinking the same thing. Who know if its possible but maybe Utah will be in our future a few years down the road.

summary, our friends are the coolest and we miss them.


Sourire said...

this looks like so much fun! the kinect thing for xbox is something i actually really really want...imagine playing halo with all 20 of us and being able to do it by running around in front of the screen... hahahaha. that'd be hilarious. we would totally win that way. go potterpants and troll.

glad you guys got to go to utah! and hope we get to see you both soon :) bummed i missed seeing you last week, but totally understand about plane situation.

ps i would love a christmas card and totally not cheesy to send one :)

Allyx and Dan said...

KINECT. I have been dreaming of buying it. I love that game. I don't think I have ever been so sweaty playing a video game. Also, Utah would like you to live in it too.