Tuesday, November 23, 2010

christmas cheer

is it cheesy to send out Christmas cards if is just me and my husband, maybe

but we are going to be 1,676.7 miles (door to door) away from our families this year. tear.
so I am doing it, I am sending Christmas cheer up to our families in Idaho.

and then I see on my friend Ambers blog that Shutterfly is giving BLOGGERS 50 free cards. awesome awesome awesome. And the best part is they are adorable!

seriously look for your self here

get our own here

Oh i am so excited for this time of year. Thanksgiving only 2 days away I attempting to make a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. Then December which = happiness.

Now I just need to decided which I like best. I may be the most indecisive person in the world so for some reason these cards never make it out that is the problem I couldn't decide, so they were never made sound to familiar.

Also 50 cards is ALOT, more than I know what to done with so if you would like one, send me your address! junebyw@gmail.com

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