Tuesday, August 10, 2010

june website!

Okay so i promised it to you awhile back and it is finally finished!


We are having a kick off sale to celebrate our new blog, so have a look around! Sale ends on August 21st, items listed are limited so put your orders in! If something you want is sold out, contact us because we do custom orders!
headbands: 12.00
skirts: 20.00
"Sophie" blue skirt: 25.00
dresses: 25.00
shirts: 18.00
tank top: 15.00
clips with elastic: 6.00
suitcases: 70.00

Ordering is easy! Just e-mail (whittnallyx@gmail.com) us your order and we will send you your item and a money request via paypal!


Ryan & Kaci said...

Whitt...absolutely love your craftiness:) miss you! Hope you're loving TEXAS!

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

YOU have a BOLGGGG???!!! What..... I am adding it because I already love it! WHITT you are so cute and SO creative. WOW and ahhh your little sister is married!