Thursday, August 12, 2010

hap- HAP- HaPpY!!!

Yesterday I found two friends blogs, that always makes me happy
i love friends, they are good for the soul

CHELSEA has this on her blog, i had to borrow it....
these are the true stories of a girl who is more than determined to live happily ever after
I LOVE IT, determined to be happy
i believe happiness is a choice
I CHOSE to be happy (most of the time, hey nobody is perfect)
whether i am living a apart from my ec (glad that's over with)
or living away from EVERYONE I know except my ec

He makes being happy easy, no but really it's hard not to be happy around him because when I do chose not to be happy he makes it his number one goal to make me laugh, he is annoyingly good at it.

look at all the happy faces

a colormekatie "subway yearbook" picture
Her website makes me happy, maybe because it's so obvious she is happy?

Yesterday a-rock and I kicked-off our new JUNE website, it was a good day.
It makes me so happy to be doing something i LOVE!
And having a bestie as a business partner is a total bonus btw.

After my four hour test I am about to take I have a date with my hub,
hap, HAP, HaPpY!!!

oh and a happy post would not be complete with out this quote

"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured"

Gordon B. Hinckley

what a cool dude

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Allyx and Dan said...

THIS POST MAKES ME HAPPY! When are you coming to Idaho again? Because that will also make me VERY HAPPY!