Tuesday, December 1, 2009

love letter

Ryan and I like leaving each other little notes around the house when we might not see each other for a while, I guess you could call them love letters. They were quite frequent last fall in d.c. because our schedules were so opposite lucky now we see each other lots but that means less letters.
I love Ryans letters they are always on lined paper in black pen and always make me smile. I save them all he is so good with words.I am not so good with words so mine or usually a little different, they are random shapes and colors and short but sometimes there are lots of them :) When i went to Europe i hid twenty i love you notes all over our apt for Ryan to find while I was away some harder then others so he would not find them all the first day. He found them all except for the one in the microwave, yes the microwave he did not use it for two and half weeks!
Anyways what reminded me of love letters is i got one today, ry's out of town and it was on the fridge when i got home from work and it made my day.
So sense I wont be home when he gets back tomorrow i left him a note, we will see if he finds it i tried to put it in a spot that was not too hard.

inside the bathroom mirrors

i love my hub


The Ortons said...

HE DIDN'T USE THE MICROWAVE FOR 2 1/2 WEEKS?!?!?! That is impressive for a lonely husband.

Dane & McCall said...

Seriously so cute and sweet...love the love note idea:)

Bergeson Girls said...

OH! SO SWEET! I cant believe yall do that!

MB said...

that is ador. I am impressed that he leaves some for you on his own. Maybe I hint about that stuff sometimes.

bergesonbs said...

Oh you two are cute! I read this post, and thought of this other post that I saw on another blog. Check it out.....you should make it :) It was great seeing you, I miss hanging out with you