Sunday, November 22, 2009

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear

Thank you buddy the Elf... that is my new plan of attack to get my bahumbug husband excited for Christmas this year. Today the christmas decorations went up, it was our first time and it was fun. Oh i am so excited for the holidays!!! Thanksgiving in four days and we leave tomorrow for St. George/ Vegas.

Also can i just say that New Moon made me so happy, i want to go again STAT.
I went to the movie wearing an Edward shirt because Edward in the book is just dreamy, but I left the movie wanting a Jacob shirt...

i mean seriously....
Taylor Lautner you have made me a
Jacob fan and even made me tear up when
when you were asking Bella to choose you,
because I knew she couldn't.


MB said...

I haven't seen it yet. this week.

I kinda can't stand taylor lautner...maybe I will like him in the movie.

My husband is bahumbug Christmas too! I hate it!

morgan and tina said...

:] Will you come see me when you're here for Thanskgiving? Good. It's done :]

Tyson and Alli said...

You and Abmer both! Am went to the movie with a "Team Jacob" t-shirt on ha ha. He's not exactly an ugly man. Good grief!
Have fun this Thanksgiving! I talked to Ryan at work and he was pretty excited to go!

Steph said...

I totally agree. I am definitely on Team Jacob now. Even though I am not a fan of how they made the movie into a "sex movie" for teenagers, and the unnecessary scenes of him ripping his shirt off. Plus I am way older than him. But besides all that, I like him:) And Edward is still ugly, skinny, wears lipstick and has really hairy nipples! hahaha. I miss you my dear.

k-blanchard said...

i knew we were meant to be friends. seriously i am in
L-0-V-E with jacob. he looked amazing. is there any comparison: edward = pale, cold, stone like
jacob= tan, body of a greed god!
anyway i miss you tons and i hope you had a great thanksgiving.