Saturday, December 5, 2009


a colormekatie picture, thanks MB for introducing me i am only a little obsessed

how rad is this picture
i love colored tights
i love them so much that maybe i wore around my new purple tights all day even though i was just doing homework at home, just maybe.

i also love lower case i's so much better then capital I's. Ryan thinks that i just forget to capitalize and that i am punctuating wrong (which okay he has a point i do that a lot) but hey its my blog i will do what i want. :)


The Ortons said...

i love color me katie. she is soo cute and creative. i love you too. (and i didn't capitalize any of my i's for you)

Steph said...

I like writing in all lowercase as well. A girl at my work went on a tangent about a document someone wrote and how unprofessional it was because they didn't capitalize all the words correctly. I might feel a little self conscious about it now:)

MB said...

love her blog!!! I am glad you have enjoyed it! I am determined to be involved in one of the improv everywhere things because I want to meet her.

Oh and give me your email, I will send you those sweet potato recipes, but here is one of them: