Sunday, March 22, 2009

cyn's bday

dearest birthday girl,
i hope you have the best day! Eat of lots of cake...preferably decorated into something you like... actually something you don't like.. feet cake..haha. Get spoiled... like the year you got your car for your bday... that was a good one. Eat a yummy dinner... and this year I won't be there to knock your left over prime rib on to the ground... still feel bad about that one. Have freshman boys in booty shorts dance out of a refrigerator box for you... ya that one will probably not happen this year. Hang out with stellar people... well I won't be there sadly but Ben should do. And check you mail box :)!!!! Sorry I will not be there to party with you but have a great day and I will be thinking about you! Thanks for being my dear friend, i love and miss you!!!


Cynda said...

Oh I am so glad you put up the picture of me as a poodle. That was a great night. Thanks for the b-day post and for the phone call this morning. You are amazing. And I forgive you for making me drop my prime rib on the ground. No hard feelings.

Amber and Che said...

Love the pics!! You guys look hot. You sexy little byui girls you ha ha

The Duckers said...

I was just thinkin' that it was too bad we didn't' get a chance to talk more. I was telling Dorian that I feel so anti-social when we have the kids with us, because all of my attention goes to them. SORRY!
Plus.....I'm kinda shy sometimes. :o)