Monday, February 23, 2009

six months and still talking

I love my husband
So every time Ryan and I see or talk to my sweet grandpa Price he always asks us if we are still talking to each other? haha he is so funny, it always makes us laugh because it never fails, he always asks. But the answer is always YES. Not only are we still talking to each other but today we have been married for six months and we are still talking and even more in love that six months ago. I am so thankful for Ryan i could not ask for a greater person to spend eternity with. He makes me the happiest girl in the world, and well he is just awesome. I love that he takes me on a date every week even though we are both super busy, he gives me a foot rub almost daily, and when I am mad or sad he takes it as a challenge to make me smile and laugh and he is really good at it. He is just I fun person I love being around him, it is my favorite part of everyday, cant wait for our date tonight!

Update on our lives
its been awhile from my last post, we have been pretty busy between school and work and... getting in to our new apt.!!!! Yep thats right last monday we got in to our new apartment in Idaho Falls we are on our own again. As nice as is was living with the Potter's what with saving lots of money, the great company, the yummy food and DVR it is nice to on our own again. I will admit though the first night in our apt. I got a little home sick then my sweet husband reminded me that I was only five minutes away from home :)
The new apt has also been fun because we where able to open up all are wedding gifts and most of our belongings which have been packed away the whole time we have been married. Its so nice to have all our stuff! Ryan liked the way we lived in Virginia (with pretty much nothing)"not having all the clutter" but I like having our things. While I was unpacking I found all my snowboarding stuff I cant believe I have not gone this season how depressing, i miss Targee! Also we made our first semi-big purchase together a new t.v., we love it! Well that is our lives once we get all settle I will post pics of our new little apt!

V-day with the Evans
Ryan was a great valentine as he always is last year he got me a gun and this year he got me what i really love tons of candy and cookies! We celebrated the Tuesday after V-day because we both worked all day Saturday. We went to dinner and Confessions of a shopaholic! I am obsessed with the books so I was super excited to see it, sadly the movie was nothing like the books but it was still a cute movie and Ry is a sweetie for sitting though it!
My actually v-day was not as pleasant, I did not mind working I knew we would and wanted to because it was going to be a busy day serving. And I like my job and I am very thankful for it, it has been a great job for us while going to school and for the most part people are usually pretty nice. But not this Valentines day I think every rude person in Idaho Falls decide to come and have me for a sever that day I was there for 12 hours and had 45 tables. I wished each and everyone of them a Happy Valentines Day and only ONE returned it. It was not a loving day until I got off and went for a very late breakfast at Perkins with Ryan, Dan, Allyx, Dave and Steph :) Hope you all had an amazing V-day!
the end-whitt


Krissandra said...

Hey whittney!... I am so happy to see that you are doing so well and are super happy and married to a great guy!! SOunds like you guys have a very busy life!!

Well I hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog. If you send your email address to i will send you a request to view my blog.
Take care

Cynda said...

Well I am sorry you had such a horrible v-day....that totally sucks. So sidenote: On v-day this year I was thinking about the v-day cards you gave all of us 2 years ago and how funny they are. And I must admit I still have that card and run into it every once in a while and ended up laughing hysterically. And congrats about the apt!!!

Maribeth said...

Yay 6 months! I love it! That's exciting that you got a new place! I want to see pictures of it! I also like having things instead of is Scott, he is much more of a pack rat than I am! With our forces combined I'm surprised you can walk in our apartment.

We miss you! Hope you guys are doing great!

Kristi said...

ahhh your life sounds so fun minus the v-day part. that totally blows. i hate rude people. but i am glad you are in your apartment and enjoying all your gifts and i am glad you two are still talking.. anyway i miss you tons and tons... last night i talked to kendall and it made me miss everyone so much... lov -k

and i would like to add to cynda's post as well.. i still have my v-day card somewhere because it made me laugh so hard. if i recall you begin it wtih "dear my friend who also has a small hole" i will forever laugh at that... lov you

Stephanie said...

I'm so happy you two found an apartment as well and I think it already looks great! Can't wait to see it when everything is settled in.

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

hey whit!!
just wanted to say hi...i love your blog. i noticed it when i was reading cynda's and just wanted to say congrats on the 6 mos! time flies once ya get married. cody and i just passed 8 mos and i still can't believe it. So how are things? are you guys in school? rexburg still? we're here too and life is great! talk to ya soon xoxo

Lindsey and Jake said...

You are right Whittney, Ryan is such a sweetheart! I'm so happy for you two and hope you are enjoying your new apt. We have been living with Jake's parents for a long time would be nice to move out, but I love it too.